Ongoing eruption on Sicily’s Mt Etna

Europe’s most active volcano has erupted again, accompanied by more than 130 earthquakes of up to 4.3 in magnitude.

According to, the eruption is still ongoing, perhaps even intensifying.

A local volcanologist said it was Etna’s “first flank eruption” in more than a decade.

Ash from the 3,350 meter volcano covered nearby villages, and people on the mountainside were told to escape quickly.

Catania airport on Sicily’s eastern coast was closed as a result of the eruption.

The volcano’s most recent eruption took place in November.

Italy’s Mount Etna erupts ash into air prompting airport closure

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    • A red eruption at Yellowstone is not an impossibility and one did occur 70,000 years ago during the last ice age and created the Pitchstone plateau.

    • “Bring it on! I wouldn’t mind seeing Yellowstone!”

      Are you serious, or are you seriously insane? Actually, if you were the first, you’re also the second.

  1. interesting its made itself a new vent from what Ive read elsewhere.
    if i lived around there a visit elewhere for a while would be my option

  2. ps keep an eye oout for activity on Russias Kurilsk areas
    been some very large quakes there last weeks and again today
    and thats a hot and active area

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