Onlookers stunned by electrical display at Taal Volcano

“…if the eruption didn’t already look menacing enough, several lightning strikes were seen hitting the center of the ash column towering over the volcano.”

Rare volcano lightning seen as Taal Volcano in Philippines erupts


Here’s a good video of the lightning, shooting up – UP! – from the ground
Video courtesy of Gevie Egera

And here’s what is billed as a live feed:

The greatest recorded eruption of the Taal occurred back in 1754 and lasted for nearly eight months, while the deadliest recorded in 1911 killed more than 1,300 people and effectively wiped out all human settlements on the volcanic island.

Perhaps you will remember that I include a photo of lightning over Surtsey in Not by Fire but by Ice. It shows huge lightning strikes during a 1963 eruption.

Thanks to David Hartley and tomOmason for this info

3 thoughts on “Onlookers stunned by electrical display at Taal Volcano”

  1. The volcanic eruption accompanied by lightning was spectacular .
    Really AWESOME ……in the TRUE sense of the word!!
    The sheer POWER of nature is amazing at times.
    This was one of those times !
    Worth seeing that lightning ! AWE-INSPIRING !

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