Ontario – “Worst disaster fruit growers have ever, ever experienced”

Ontario – “Worst disaster fruit growers have ever, ever experienced”

“All fruit growing areas in basically the Great Lakes area, in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York State, Ontario, are all basically wiped out,” said Harrow-area orchard owner Keith Wright on Friday. “It’s unheard of.”

“We’ve been here for generations and I’ve never heard of this happening before across the province,” said Wright. “This is the worst disaster fruit growers have ever, ever experienced.”

A catastrophic freeze has wiped out about 80 per cent of Ontario’s apple crop and has the province’s fruit industry looking at losses already estimated at more than $100 million.

Some growers across Ontario have also lost entire orchards of peaches, sour cherries, pears, plums and nectarines.

“It’s very widespread and the worst that anybody’s seen,” said Brian Gilroy, chairman of the Ontario Apple Growers.

On top of the lost yield or no crop at all, orchard workers and spinoff industries such as juice, packing, storage and farm supplies will be affected.

(What have I been saying about fighting in the streets for food long before we’re covered by ice?)

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  1. Except them, except the warmist-psycopaths to blame “global warming”. Their human-hating b*llshit propaganda WILL be shoved down into the sheeples throats. They WILL believe it! This is how the world is today.

  2. The “fighting in the streets” will be in the poorer countries. International trade will allow the richer countries to buy the more expensive food; poorer countries will make do. The revolutions of the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia and Egypt were caused by harvest failures in Ukraine, Russia, and the Southern hemisphere, which encouraged speculators to bid up the price of wheat. Then the poor of Tunisia and Egypt ran out of food and patience.

    • not quite right..
      the Reason Russia refused to sell wheat was NOT due to a serious lack, sure they had a low harvest but it was NOT the disaster it was made out to be.
      Russia had 18mths or so stored. and could have supplied the contracts with the harvest.
      Glencorp swiss based, read tax dodge, mega dabblers in a lot of food items etc..”advised” russia not to sell.
      so of course Glencorp made a very large profit off trades. because the media releases carefully staged and worded got people panicking to buy at any price.
      now Southern crop fails?
      sorry we Aussies had TWO years worth of wheat stored in many silos private and commercial, you could again look to Cargill and Viterra who have been buying our grain handlers up quiet and dirty.
      our Farmers get around 200 a ton, and dropping, while the media and the traders and the manufacturers are bitching about rising costs of inputs?
      tell that! to a Farmer here and then stand clear! price at port around 20c a KILO…farmer gets and then also has transport silo fees handling etc.
      retail flour in aus even the cheap brands?
      try well over 2.50$au a kilo.closer to 3 and big brands near 4!
      there is NOT a shortage, there IS price fixing and monopoly deals though.

  3. Appears to be similar to the beginning of the “Little Ice Age”.
    Although California doesn’t get as cold, I have lost many trees and plants in the past two years due to the freezing cold.
    There is no preparing for disasters like this other than move south.

    • And here I am wishing I could move north out of the Houston Texas area, since we don’t have winter here anymore. ^ ^

  4. What’s the odds that regions previously too hot will become arable areas?

    The analysis must cover loss at higher latitudes vs gain at lower ones.

    I don’t know the answer, but it’s not all on one side…..

    • Sahara desert was reclaimed during one of the past glacials,europes temperate,moist climate shifted south I’ve read.

  5. It will take time to establish new farms and orchards further south even if the process were started now which it won’t. If infact the problem is real it will be seen as a freak event untill it becomes a multi year and decade trend. The state of denial will delay the relocation of agriculture.
    That means we will have shortages and famine.
    First they laugh at you and then they fight you and then they are forced to agree with your message.
    The whole process wastes time but eventually they learn the hard way.

  6. Wellcome to Solar SuperMinimum!
    It’s sooooo cooool that we live in an age of global warming!

  7. Ghadaffi was reclaiming the Sahara but that was put to death, along with him.

    It might help if you take a long look at the world map. Look at WHERE the arable land is now, and how much of it there is. Then take a look at what is outside of the latitudes that do traditional large scale farming. You suddenly find there is little level ground by comparison to what would be lost to the advance of weather too cold for growing crops. There would be no guarantee that the rain would move south with the area being used for farming, either, since there would be more and moreof it locked into the growing ice caps. Recall, also, that those areas SOUTH of the equator that are used for farming, will also experience the encroachment of cold weather, thus ending farming in large tracks of what little land below the equator is suitable for large scale farming. I keep saying large scale farming because you aren’t going to feed 6 or more billion humans with family sized farms.

    In respect to WHO will be fighting in the streets over food? The fighting in the streets will be in areas where the food is sold, not necessarily in those areas where the food is grown. The “third world” nations may be the only places where food can be grown, and I don’t think they will give their food away when they will probably need it themselves for survival. Money will cease to have any real value – “would you swap me your last week’s worth of food for 5 pounds of Gold?”

  8. The reason that the best arable land is found under the ice age glaciers is because these glaciers ground the rock down into dust and deposited it into the soils and created the fertile regions. This rock was made up of minerals that are key to growth and survival of plants and animals. Mass is conserved, and farming these regions depletes this resource which is then replaced by oil based fertilizers. The reason that the equatorial areas have such poor soils is that they do not have these powdered rock/minerals, they have been leached out of the soil. So the fertile regions will not move south as they do not have the minerals to sup0port optimal growth. So if we want this to happen, we will need to turn rock into dust and deposit it onto the equatorial regions, a monumental high energy task that is done by using oil based fertilizers at the moment. Still the oil based systems do not contain ANY of the trace essential minerals for optimium health. This is partly why we have so many health issues today and the only thing that can help is supplementation. Good luck to all.

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