Ontario farmers on brink of disaster – Wettest summer in 150 years

Cool, rainy spring and summer. So much rain that the hay is soggy.

“Local farmers in the Kawarthas say they are in dire circumstances, which will become more critical if the weather fails to bring the sunshine and warm temperatures,” says globalnews.ca.

“No matter how old you are, we haven’t seen weather like this,” said local beef farmer David Whittington. “Last year, we had the driest summer in a hundred years and now we have the wettest in 150 years.”

“What we need right now is heat, and more heat . . . and more heat,” said Whittington.

The Kawarthas Lakes region, about 90 miles northeast of Toronto, is considered part of Central Ontario.  The region includes hundreds of lakes and rivers.


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4 thoughts on “Ontario farmers on brink of disaster – Wettest summer in 150 years

  1. Just got back from N. Wisconsin, most trees in bogs and wetter areas are dying, have been there a lot but not for 16 yrs or so and I can see a big difference. Lakes are full, one guy told me a farmer told him his potatoes were drowning. Another guy in the sports shop said it’s been so cold this spring some bluegills hadn’t spawned yet. Some farmers in central & south Wisconsin were watering their crops.

  2. they need heat AND wind
    or the humidity and ma nature will have a wild time growing moulds and breeding plant diseases

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