Woodstock, Ontario – Coldest July max in 142 years

Coldest since 1872

Using Environment Canada monthly summaries, Woodstock Ontario had the coldest average Tmax for July since 1872 (which is when the data starts).


Thanks to Chris Beal for this link

5 thoughts on “Woodstock, Ontario – Coldest July max in 142 years”

  1. I live in the area and it’s been a very cool summer, and a very very wet one. I live in a low lying area and have a pond that dries up every summer partly due to our normal summer drought, and partly due to farmers watering crops lowering the water table. This year my pond has stayed filled, and my pool has overflowed on numerous occasions due to the over abundance of rain. Don’t know if the rain records are anywhere easy to find, but I’m sure they will be off the charts.

  2. Well it can’t be related to a reduction in solar activity according to Dr Leif svaalbard et al 🙂 this coldest day record must have been caused by global warming and is no doubt an extreme weather event caused by the unprecedented melting of Greenland.

    Great story, keep them coming. We need as much evidence of cooling for Robert’s next book!

    • uh huh the smarter farmers there will be doing some chats with greenland/iceland far nth growers for the hardy super short season crop seeds…NOW

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