Oops – Polar ice not receding after all

In fact it may be standing at its greatest extent in at least 97 years.


Al Gore predicted that the Arctic ice cap could completely disappear by 2014.

However, new data released by NASA reveals that the Earth’s polar ice caps have not receded at all since satellite measurements began in 1979.

Considering that the late 1970s marked the end of a 30-year cooling trend, the polar ice caps were quite likely more extensive at that time than they had been since at least the 1920s.

This indicates that not only is polar ice not receding, it is now quite possibly at its greatest extent in at least 97 years.


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  1. It seems there’s variable data about what may be happening at each pole … ice wise; at the same time, though … perhaps atmospheric weather and temperature data have, it seems, indicated warm anolmalies this past winter …

  2. Typo alert –

    “This indicates that not only is polar ice (not ?)receding, it is now quite possibly at its greatest extent in at least 97 years.” ?

  3. Sorry but this article is out of date…

    I agree with sentiments but if you are in a fist fight with an AGW zealot then you need up to date data.

    • Can do better than that Gareth, use this link,that leads to others about many published science papers attesting to little to no summer ice for several thousand years in the early Holocene:

      Starting with post 19 at bottom of thread page,continue to the second thread page for more,


      Most warmists are completely unaware of this,so telling them this will blow their minds.

      • If you consider that most glaciers at mid latitudes only started to grow around 3000 years ago and that during the Clovis period prior to the Holocene maximum significant proportions of the area around the Arctic Ocean was ice free and without perma frost as well.
        The problem AG Warmists have is they have forgotten where the earth’s climate energy comes from and where it is stored, and it’s not in hydrocarbons or from coal, but in sea water energy captured from the sun in the major tropical oceans.
        The Earth has been capturing carbon via photosynthesis for the last 600 million years or more, the carbon cycle requires it to be captured via plant matter on to a tectonic plate, sub ducted as coal or hydrocarbons, and reduced in the magma to Carbon, CO2 and hydro carbon volatiles, all three eventually come back to the surface.
        The majority of the CO2 ends up in the oceans. The volatiles are either captured in geological traps, or are processed at the top of the atmosphere via the Sun energy; the carbon is retuned as limps of crystal via volcanic pipes.

  4. Why is this not getting out to the public??? I know the answer, but it is frustrating.

    • What you people are failing to realize is this whole ‘global warming’ BS has been going on for far longer than two years. So it was contradictory to the message then as it is now. Makes no difference.

  5. “This indicates that not only is polar ice receding, it is now quite possibly at its greatest extent in at least 97 years.”

    I think this should read: This indicates that not only is polar ice “expanding” or ” growing” or “becoming more extensive”.

  6. Nah you can’t cover up sea ice extent anymore too many satellites in the sky. This article is not only old but sensationalist to the other side. We are doing exactly what we accuse the warmist of doing. Truth be told the ice conditions this year is awful in the Pacific side because of the El Nino in 2016. The ice conditions on the Atlantic side of the Arctic basin though better than the thin ice on the side exposed to the Pacific still sucks. IJIS and PIOMAS do a good job in reflecting this. A warmist will use this data and say well duh the Arctic is warming I will not. Here’s the flip side to everything I have just said DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute) hasn’t recorded temperatures significantly above freezing in the summer above 80N. On their site they have data going back until the 1960s and again the true CAB does not get much above freezing at all for any period of time. So the ice will not disappear, the other whammy to the warmist idea of an ice free CAB (Central Arctic Basin) is Judith Curry’s paper on the AMO. The CAB has the most exposure to the Atlantic side of the world. The AMO has been positive and warm throughout the satellite era encouraging melting and helping the warmist wet dream along. It is her assumption that once the AMO flips negative the ice will rebound very quickly.

  7. Thanks for reminding us of this important news. Some people get in a tizzy because the link is two years old, and miss the content.

  8. All of the kerfluffle regarding the subject of what has now been re-named as “climate change” illustrates just how manipulative the people whom are entrusted to investigate and accurately report on climate conditions have become. For a fine explanation of how the lemming-like followers of Mr. Gore’s ultimate fraud operate and impose their views on the people here is a work of serious fiction that is footnoted with non-ficton sources from various authorative sources on the subject.
    Reading List: Novel by Michael Critchton “State of Fear”.
    This is a work on a serious subject, told through a fictional story which is actually a well researched novel that exposes the mechanics of how the ‘climate change’ man made machine operates and raises billions of dollars for the fool’s errand of halting the continuing changes of the planetary weather system while they abscond with multiple billions of taxpayer dollars.
    The story points out some answers on how this runaway fraud can be reined in and the lunatics behind it exposed for what they are. It is also a fine read.

  9. I agree, Jimmy, and what’s two years in the life time of a planet that is four and a half billion years old? Anyway, it’s still happening now.

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