Open Letter From 100s Of Doctors, Health Pros Urging End To Lockdowns – “No Medical Justification For Emergency Measures”

So far the letter has been signed by 435 medical doctors, 1,439 medically trained health professionals, and 9,901 citizens.

Open letter from medical doctors and health professionals to all Belgian authorities and all Belgian media

We, Belgian doctors and health professionals, wish to express our serious concern about the evolution of the situation in the recent months surrounding the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We call on politicians to be independently and critically informed in the decision-making process and in the compulsory implementation of corona-measures. We ask for an open debate, where all experts are represented without any form of censorship. After the initial panic surrounding covid-19, the objective facts now show a completely different picture – there is no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore.

The current crisis management has become totally disproportionate and causes more damage than it does any good.

We call for an end to all measures and ask for an immediate restoration of our normal democratic governance and legal structures and of all our civil liberties.

‘A cure must not be worse than the problem’ is a thesis that is more relevant than ever in the current situation. We note, however, that the collateral damage now being caused to the population will have a greater impact in the short and long term on all sections of the population than the number of people now being safeguarded from corona.

In our opinion, the current corona measures and the strict penalties for non-compliance with them are contrary to the values formulated by the Belgian Supreme Health Council, which, until recently, as the health authority, has always ensured quality medicine in our country: “Science – Expertise – Quality – Impartiality – Independence – Transparency”.

We believe that the policy has introduced mandatory measures that are not sufficiently scientifically based, unilaterally directed, and that there is not enough space in the media for an open debate in which different views and opinions are heard. In addition, each municipality and province now has the authorisation to add its own measures, whether well-founded or not.

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27 thoughts on “Open Letter From 100s Of Doctors, Health Pros Urging End To Lockdowns – “No Medical Justification For Emergency Measures””

  1. Only 435? It’s not good enough after 6 months of this globalist/communist UN-driven non-science/nonsense. Why aren’t TENS OF THOUSANDS of honest medical doctors across the world speaking out against the covid fraud? Scared for their jobs? Have they no conscience? It’s pathetic.

  2. That’s 435 Belgian medical doctors, hardly a small number.
    There have been many other medical professionals of many nationalities who have spoken out. Some of them have been damaged because of their actions. Careers ruined, employment prospects lost. “Scared for their jobs?” Yes and rightly so, what have you done to help ? What are you going to do from now on ?

  3. Vic is STILL in idiot mode!
    mandatory masks even when your out alone on a farm apparently
    as if!
    no cases in most of the areas from bendigo to the border with SA but we’re still on extremely limited border access which is better than damn near none at all a few weeks ago;-(
    the GOOD news is our utterly incompetent health ministers resigned, long overdue
    now if only the state Premier would also, life might improve faster.

    • Our governor has said he won’t impose a new lock down but it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets bullied into it by the mayors, like happened the last time.

    • I’m in South West Victoria & often have to do jobs for farmers. I turn up & none of the properties I have visited Have had anyone wearing masks. I pretty much think most farmers down here think it’s all bullshit just as I do.

  4. As I suspected earlier in the year the powers that be crave a second wave as it allows more bossing the public around, more debt and currency printing and more elimination of jobs and small and medium scale businesses via a lock down and quarantine regulations. The real killer is the response to a virus that can’t compete with the flu.

  5. I’m not convinced that medical doctors should be considered as scientists. Any real scientist – not the parrots who believe everything handed down from governments and by the media – would have questioned the validity of the Covid19 test, which give erratic and inconsistent results. The fatality and infection rates do not warrant that Covid19 be granted pandemic status and special treatment compared with every year’s seasonal flu.

    • Let me amend my introductory sentence above: I have the perception that most medical doctors, as well as many trained scientists are not real scientists. Angela Merckel and the Pope are reported to have scientific qualifications. Yet, they support the global warming pseudo-science. For instance, one trained in chemistry should know that the average pH of the oceans is above 8, which is alkalic not acid. Bleaching of coral reefs due to “acidification of oceans” is B.S. Also, the solubility of gases in liquids decreases with rising temperature. Therefore increasing CO2 in the atmosphere due to oceanic degassing follows global warming. It is my perception that geologists and other scientists employed by governments support global warming, those in the private sector don’t.

  6. Six months of this charade and still I am not seeing a death toll near 1 BILLION. Why not? Certainly it should be near that number and growing IF what the “experts” claim is true. The virus is real but the “pandemic” is FAKE! And, I still have no viable explanation as to why we are quarantining the HEALTHY which is preposterous and beyond ignorant. Of course we all know this is all political motivated. In days gone by the people would have already revolted violently against such encroachment of their basic human rights and freedoms. But, today, we live in a spineless and weak global society consumed by fear! I think it time for humanity to ask, “Just what have we become?”. Six more months of this and none of us have have any quality of life left. And so I must ask, “Is it worth it?” I think NOT!!! Who wants to live a life imprisoned in their own home being afraid of other people including the people you share that home with?

    On another note I think we have the wrong “experts” investigating the “virus.” I propose we have Project Bluebook take over the investigation as this virus appears to be so adaptable and intelligent that it is likely an alien lifeform LOL. I mean after all, it knows if your are in a protest or in church doesn’t it? Astounding!

    • Benito, you said – “The virus is real but the “pandemic” is FAKE! ”

      I agree that the pandemic is fake, but WHY do you think the virus is real? It has not been isolated, thus it is still just a collection of virus parts assumed to be from the same cell, causing a set of symptoms that other viruses and bacteria cause. A subset of something like 50 to 60% of them are equally assigned to EMF poisoning.

      I am beginning to believe that the “pandemic” is as much an attempt to hide that last sentence as it is create a need for a world nanny government to protect us all. But one thing is certain, we still have no idea if SARS-CoV-2 is real.

    • Well try to keep from laughing… here Joe Biden has been caught claiming we have had 200 million people die from the virus and it’s all Trumps fault (and shortly thereafter he claimed 200 died). I’m pretty sure we’d notice if 200 million people died in the US, with a total population around 300 million. The thing is, the reported deaths at the time (fudged as they are) claimed 200 thousand.

  7. My opinion is that there NEVER needed to be any restrictions in place anywhere! No lockdowns, no mask mandates, not even social distancing. But power hungry despots just could not resist the massive ego trip they got out of tell people how to live their lives. Not to mention the enjoyment they got from scaring people to death, which made them feel even more powerful and even more excuses to do their dirty work. Nothing like a fearful population shaking and shivering in fear. Makes them more easily manipulated.

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