Original Americans came from Siberia in a single wave more than 23,000 years ago – New study

Our ancestors crossed over a now-submerged land bridge between Siberia and Alaska at the height of the last ice age.

Genomic analysis showed that these original Americans hung out in the north for perhaps thousands of years before spreading in two distinct populations throughout North and South America.

The northern and southern Native American populations apparently diverged between 11,500 and 14,500 years ago, with the northern branch leading to the present day Athabascans and Amerindians broadly distributed throughout North America.

The southern branch peopled Central and South America, as well as part of northern North America.

This Ice Age migration is distinct from the arrival of the Inuit and Eskimo, who  spread throughout the Arctic beginning about 5,500 years ago.

The findings were to be reported in the July 24 issue of Science.

Due to the large amounts of water trapped on land as ice, sea levels at the height of the last ice age stood some 350 to 400 feet lower than today. Since the Bering Strait is only about 18 stories deep, it remained above water. This provided a land bridge over which our ancestors were able to walk.


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36 thoughts on “Original Americans came from Siberia in a single wave more than 23,000 years ago – New study”

    • agreed, in a climate that is not changing (before current man and his even cars), why would a small tribe travel so far and away from normalcy, safety, and what is known?

      But, they also forget about those who traveled across the Pacific. Or are they saying that the asians made a giant circle to get back to the mainland asia?

      There are those also that traveled over the equator from Africa and the Middle East.

      And like Laurel suggested, there are those who traveled through Europe across the ice and across Greenland and Iceland.

      • What I was taught was the migration was caused as early man following game. I also think it is part of man’s nature to “see what is on the other side of the mountain”.

    • If they went through what the mongols did when they came down from N China it was probably due to famine brought on by droughts, then floods and then unbearable cold and snow.

      Much like the little ice age as described in the book Global Crisis, Authored by Geoffrey Parker. Large book but well worth the read. And if you’re interested in what life will be like in the next similar cold period as experienced in the little ice age you need to read it.

      • There is a repeated flow from central Asia south and west every time it gets very cold. The Red Head gene and lactos tollerance are good markers. Originated in north central Asia during the Ice Age Glacial as mammoth hunters. From there, migrated south and west even into north Africa (R1 gene and cattle genes among others confirm, as do rock paintings of womer riding asian type cattle in Africa). Later migrations went into Europe as the ice melted.

        There are records of Pharoahs hiring celtic mercinaries, and Ramsis II was a redhead. The modern Arab type is not the old era type.

        People moved around in ancient times far more than commonly admitted. That same cattle herding move into Europe matches the spread of indo-european language into Europe displacing the Basque type (who were likely the type that made it to N.America.. so the N.American “Europeans” were not the same as the Asian originated Europeans of today.)

        If the children move 30 miles from their parents, thats one mile per year per generation. In 3000 years, they cross a continent. Now think that a good runner can cover 30 miles in a day… and a boat can do that in an hour or two.

    • In that case, there are no Asians or Europeans, either. We are all African. But since the world is a huge place and everyone calling each other African may cause some massive confusion, how about we keep our ‘Native American’ title so you can keep yours? 🙂

      • That narrative has been overplayed. White people have spent enough time in Eurasia and Europe to qualify as being evolved there from earlier forms that migrated out of Africa. We are a unique subspecies of humanity that must breed with our selves to remain white and preserve our genotype.
        To do otherwise is anti white genocide and a betrayal of all that we are.. We are a product of the ice ages and the special challenges that were imposed on us by the environment.
        We need to know the truth about ourselves and the environmental challenges we will be faced with in order to survive and thrive. No politically correct fairy tales please.

        • Ben Vincent typed that Native Americans aren’t native because they migrated to the continent. So it would stand reason then that a European isn’t a European either because of Migration as well. I’m using the exact same logic that he used. But you’re basically saying that Europeans are exempt from the same hypothetical treatment because they adapted to their environment (which implies the Native Americans somehow didn’t adapt to theirs). I disagree. Adaptation never stops – as long as human beings fall victim to their current environment, they are adapting to it! And aren’t all humans a product of Ice Ages at this point? What race didn’t suffer naturally-induced climate change (whether it be famine, cold, or drought) throughout the ages, that helped mold and shape their genetics? And if you want to preserve your beautifully unique traits, then that is your choice to make because those traits obviously developed for a damn good reason! And no one should be allowed to take that choice from you. Diversity is good for humanity! But the choice for a Native American to hold onto his identity is not anti-white or genocidal, so please don’t jump to that conclusion.

  1. There is also evidence that people from Europe came across ice sheets thousands of years ago. Tools and artifacts have been found in the Midwest that were unknown to the Asians and were also found in ancient sites in Europe.

  2. From a statistical standpoint, this study has problems:

    1) Small sample size, only 31 individuals (already taking by memory from reading the article)

    2) Sample not indicated. (Could be sample error)

    Looks like a study designed to get a pre-determined result.

    For those of us who have been looking at the corruption of science to support anthropogenic global warming, we recognize the same pattern that there has been a longer corruption of archaeology in the Americas to support the Asian only story of Amerindian ancestry. That corruption can no longer deny the Viking connection, but still trying to deny earlier Irish, Roman, Celtic and Phoenician connections, even though from history we know their ships were capable of crossing the Atlantic.

    • Local native oral history contains reference to the “blue-eyed peace maidens” of the Niagara Peninsula and implies that there was a regular semi-rotational movement of small groups of people between North America and Europe which reinforces the notion of our collective ignorance.

    • It’s like using epicycles ad retrograde motion to explain away the heliocentric model. NaDene split off in the Americas? Well that only goes against all linguistic, cultural and genetic evidence but it does preserve the single migration theory.

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    • The Clovis point is known in Europe, not anywhere in Asia, history shows fools think in very small minds. Find the oldest Clovis point and you will find the origin of who was first .

      • I agree! White people are hated and double hated if we are christian so it is no surprise that the establishment is down playing or denying the achievements of our people. Like our ethnic competition they want us dead or blended out and from their point of view anything that stops us from protecting and preserving ourselves is a good thing. The global warming rhetoric and social engineering policies is a means to our end.

        • I don’t want whites to be ‘blended’ away. I’m a mix of Red, White and Black and I like those races as they are. Lots of people are mixed, and some don’t even know it. People can choose to mix, and they can opt not to. I’m fine either way. And I don’t want Christianity to go away either. I know firsthand some people who are MUCH better quality people with the Christ than without him.

          You know what I see? Racism from all sides. Everyone feels victimized. I’m willing to bet that every single person on this forum was a victim of a racist act, whether minor or major, regardless of color. This statement automatically includes white people, because I see the racism against them, too. I am a blend. I get to experience that crap from all sides. It sucks, but I know from experience that everyone gets it to eat from the racist sandwich, and it tastes a lot like a sh- sandwich.

          I like to think that this website can be a hub where everyone can get together, regardless of background, and learn about our changing world and how to prepare for it.

          • get rid of the social controllers blending the White race out of existence, once propaganda has stopped then we can talk about the free choice of mixing White people out of existence.

            Groups have always controlled their own mating choices if they have had the right of self-determination. What we have is a imposed system f a multi-racial society with billions of propaganda dollars to back that up.

            We have imposed values that have altered ‘free’ choice or the right of groups to be self-determining.

      • As I understand it, the Clovis point was basically a Solutrean point, which of course hails originally from paleolithic France. I have always thought that at least some Solutreans made it across the Atlantic, probably traveling along the southern edge of the (as I call it) trans-Atlantic ice sheet. This probably explains an admixture of European blood type in some Canadian tribes that predate accepted dates for the modern European contact. I also wonder if it might not explain why, in general, the further east one goes, the less Asiatic the Indians look.

  4. I visited the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia in 2008 on a circle the Pacific cruise.

    In Victoria and I posed next to a totem pole near the harbour.

    Having little knowledge of Kamchatka I was amazed by the sight of totem poles in villages.

    What are the odds of indigenous peoples living on different continents sharing many cultural similarities without a common ancestry ?

    Fairly small I’d say.

  5. The purpose of pseudo-science is to debunk what is politically incorrect. Additionally PC has all the money to pressure scientists to get the result to confirm what is wanted.

  6. Going back to 41,000 Earth experienced a global magnetic reversal, then 40,000 the Plagaran field volcanoes erupted, the largest in N Hemisphere forcing the people to concentrate into Doggerland. This close socializing produced advances. As Doggerland sinks boats are used to travel to the Med. The people established in the Med area experience yet again volcanic gases, carbon dioxide, methane, even radon. The exodus of people travel East 20,000 y ago.
    Every new start requires much effort, much knowledge is lost or misinterpreted. Looking back history sees advanced knowledge anomalies leading to the wrong conclusion that humans were assisted from outside Earth. Every new start looses information that normally would be disseminated thru the community by elders and schools and close community involvement. Our disrupted timeline is the cause of our wars, pathology, and easily influenced personalities.

  7. We are all Russians at heart rofl

    After reading some old journals that claimed artifacts from almost every major religion prior to AD were found in upper caves at Grand Canyon, we using high speed film and blow-ups located caves into which we wanted to journey.

    Set up at team of five with enough food for a 12 day journey with 7 days appropriated for access and decent were eager to embark. Lo and behold, all climbing was suspended do the dangerous nature of the act of climbing.

    When other teams have been spotted climbing; inquiry into the nature and origin of said climbers we were instructed twas non of our bloody business.

    Sure would like to know the rest of the story.
    Wonder if they have started carbon dating ancient dna now super rofl

    See Ya

  8. As I remember, this is what was taught in school 50 years ago. The recent discovery was the possible migration from Europe along the Northern Ice Flow during the Ice Age, Clovis sites on the East Coast.

  9. What this also shows us is that not only where large amounts of people surviving during the last ice age but that they co-operated with each other especially when earth’s events made life intolerable leaving them with no other option but to move!
    Any interesting archaeology is going to be 3 to 4 hundred feet below the waves where the coast lines used to be several thousand years ago.

  10. It seems pretty clear that most “native Americans” are descendants of East Asians, but there have been so many anomalous finds throughout the Americas, that it seems there were smaller numbers coming from numerous locations. To say that they all came over in one wave seems very simplistic, particularly when there have been strange finds such as an African skeleton 9000 years old at a spring in Nevada, Kennewick Man in Washington State (apparently of either Polynesian or Ainu origin), and villages the Spaniards found in some isolated valleys in the Andes where many of the residents were blonde or red-haired, with blue eyes and Caucasioan features, possibly descendants of Vikings. Plus, I recall that some of the DNA evidence apparently indicated that some of the tribes in Eastern Canada were of European origin, and look more European than Mongolian.

    Then you have the Egyptian mummies bearing traces of cocaine, which could only have come from South America, indicating there was transocean trade going back much further than conventional history admits.

    It’s likely that people were much more mobile than just the group that walked across the Bering land bridge, though they were probably the largest group, and probably exterminated most of the others they came in contact with — Europeans, Africans, perhaps Polynesians. The Tiahuanaco ruins in South America, which may be 10,000 to 12,500 years old, long predating the arrival of the Spanish, contain stone heads, some of which appear Asian, others clearly African.

    There is even one site in Mexico that was inhabited by tool-using, fire making hominids, dated to 750,000 years ago, that doesn’t fit in any chronology, historical or anthropological and basically destroyed the career of the woman anthropologist who spent years excavating the site, and had the artifacts dated before she disclosed that they (impossibly) came from the New World, where Homo Erectus never spread, supposedly.

    The tribe that finally got custody of the politically incorrect, 9400-yo Kennewick Man skull immediately buried it where it could no longer be studied, so we will never be sure of its origin, and the same mindset will probably keep us in the dark forever regarding who actually settled the New World first, as politics trumps science, every time.

    • Best summary yet! Mind you, I replied to Ken that we were taught in school the same theory as in the article back in the 50s… but that doesn’t make it right.

      Personally, I don’t buy the “we’re all from Africa” notion.

  11. Excelsior the boat people. An ocean is not a barrier, its a highway. Some people may have walked across a land bridge during the ice age, but many came and went by boat.

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