Ottawa’s coldest snowstorm in 100 years

Just a couple of days ago, I posted about the “Coldest Snowstorm in Montreal in a Century.

Now we find that Ottawa also endured the coldest snowstorm in a century.

Ottawa residents awoke Saturday morning to find themselves living in the coldest capital city on Earth, about 20 degrees colder than Moscow and Helsinki, even edging out Ulan Bator, Mongolia, by a degree.

The low of -24°C (-11.2 F) combined with nearly 30 cm (12 inches) of snow made it Ottawa’s coldest snowstorm in more than 100 years.

Thanks to Brent Chapman and Greg C. for this link

9 thoughts on “Ottawa’s coldest snowstorm in 100 years”

  1. Well those sorts of temperatures certainly will affect human and wildlife’s survivability, hopefully nobody dies. However, later in the year look out for the demented green infected brains screeching that the wildlife has all died off due humans raising the atmospheric CO2 levels.
    I wonder if people can now understand why mammoths were found standing-up and frozen?

    When temperatures drop to -24°C or lower only those who prepare for this eventuality, or the fittest survive.

    • The mammoths weren’t frozen………..they were petrified by the incredible heat rise when the “indians” showed up and started their camp fires.

      This massive increase in heat both petrified and petrified these beasts, thus they are still standing up-right…….

      How do I know this? Al Gore told me so………..Only MAN can effect the weather.

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