Our liberty and economy are being threatened

We simply do not know what to do about it.


People KNOW what is happening


I have found in conversation with others that there is near-universal understanding that:

– There is no medical necessity for lockdown, masks, distancing, or a vaccine.

– These measures are politically inspired & ominous.

– That our liberty and economy are being threatened.

About half of those whom I engage in conversation mention the NWO and the necessity for us to have a revolution.

It is an error to infer from mask-wearing that people are stupid. They simply don’t want to pay a fine or confront store personnel. Store personnel make at least token efforts to enforce masks because they don’t want to be closed down or pay substantial fines.

I was in a larger city all day today, and my experiences are extremely heartening. They include:

– Within a multi-dentist practice every person I spoke with– 6 people–was outspoken against what is occurring. Their speech was triggered by my refusal to wear a mask. The dentist insisted that we should “do something.” They all continued to wear their masks to protect their jobs.

– Every bus driver as I moved around — 7 of them– wore their masks at least part of the time but ignored that I didn’t. Two removed their masks to engage in anti-lockdown conversation with other passengers.

– At a county-run medical clinic where I saw a chiropractor all the staff wore masks and ignored that I didn’t. While the chiropractor worked on my back he trashed the lockdown nonstop. He was triggered by my saying, “Don’t wear that stupid visor on my account. This whole thing is ridiculous.” He closed the door, removed it, spoke of how it’s mandatory and LAUNCHED on related topics.

– A perfect stranger, a woman who gave me a ride when she saw me waiting at a bus-stop, spoke vigorously about the necessity to do something to keep them from destroying “this great country.” She had clearly given me a ride in order to vent– and she had had Covid and been fairly sick with it. But she was unequivocally against lockdown.

People KNOW what is happening. They are NOT stupid. They simply don’t know what to do about it. And neither do we.

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  1. People may know the masks are useless and resent wearing them but there is also the other side of it. I was on the Los Angeles Metro last week not wearing a mask and was confronted by a man who took exception to it. I told him off and he called the transit police on me.

    He stood back and used his phone to photograph the encounter with the police before going his way as I insisted to the police he was creating a public nuisance.

    Make no mistake, this is not a medical issue, but a power issue and there are plenty of people who will attempt to assert authority in this matter to “help” the state. One of the arguments this man used to get me to wear a mask was, “Do you think you are better than anyone else?” Expect resentful people to increasingly demand conformity as this goes on however unreasonable the policy.

    The hand of authority is everywhere even if it appears to grasp lightly at the moment. The police are mostly ignoring maskless people, but it depends on what kind of police. Sheriff’s deputies have refused to enforce mask wearing, but they have been replaced on trains by cops directly controlled by the LA Metro.
    Private business, fearful of state intervention, is most particular about mask wearing and is very effective in enforcing mask policy. Public buildings can be beyond Orwellian in their diligence.

    Let us not kid ourselves. This is about control and the appearance of control. It does not matter what the public thinks, but that they obey, for now. Not that the demand to think a certain way is not made. It is.

    Getting rid of this will not be easy or cheap. It will require confrontation and people will get hurt. Real power in the US is heavily centralized which means that people really do not know where to turn when they are at odds with that power. New organizations to express dissent will have to be created which takes time, effort, money and will. The organizations will have to struggle from the beginning with the tacit or overt opposition of government.

    The US is a dictatorship. Despite all the democratic posturing, a very few people call the shots and have millions of servants, often unwitting servants, to enforce these shots.

    It is heartening to hear of the resentment of many in this article, but my point is that they still obey. When they stop obeying in mass and start calling for the heads of politicians like Gavin Newsom and Anthony Fauci will the real game begin.

  2. Short of a bloody revolution, people need to go online and find the facts for why the lock down is not necessary. Sites like this one, or greenmedinfo.com is an excellent one. Also, dryourself.com. Any site that can use the facts as known to show why this is all a political farce. Then email your state and federal legistators and send them the urls for those sites and tell them that you are tired of being lied to and to lift the lock down. Did you know that Sweden did not go into a lock down and they are doing fine now.

  3. I see a lot of people wanting expedient answers for a way out of the dilemma we face in America. I present here a way of confronting rebellion. I personally experienced the guerrilla war in South Vietnam. America does not know what it is in for should a two sided guerrilla effort occur here. Antifa, along with Black Lives Matter, and then the insane leftist democrats have all already declared war on the rest of us, which currently makes it a ONE SIDED declaration for a guerrilla war. I thought it was illegal for citizens to declare war on the U.S.A.

    When the good guys finally are pushed so far as to decide it’s time for an end and that the U.S.A. needs to be DEFENDED by good citizens, then a war can be declared against ALL the evil elements. President Trump should declare war on these domestic terrorists and define ALL democrats and their supporters as enemies of the Union. The Speaker of the House is on record vigorously declaring conservatives enemies of the Union.

    A key observation I learned about war is that there are NO rules. People can claim the opposite, but in truth there are no rules. Accountability is extremely rare or nearly non-existent. When crap hits the fan, mercy is usually nowhere to be found. In case you need to be told this, laws and anything to do with justice do not have any relevance during a war scenario. People can do very BAD things. There is no relevance for justice before a criminal act is played out. Accountability usually only occurs AFTERWARDS, and then only after lengthy investigations that are difficult to conclude with absolute certainty due to lack of witnesses willing to attest.

    Living in an active war zone is not a condition anyone wants to experience. Security does not exist, a happy go lucky lifestyle does not exist, only fear and vicious survival are expected. America has forgotten why freedom is precious. Freedom to NOT live in fear of everything and everybody, freedom is a luxury that is now actively being taken away by insane democrat despots and zealots. A very small percentage of America’s population (the nuts fronting for the democrats) are currently holding the rest of America’s freedoms hostage by taunting and flaunting lawlessness at will.

    President Trump needs to do one of two choices. Revert every hypocritical state back to territory status because they refuse to abide by appropriate federal laws of civility. This act kicks states out of the Union and with it they are sent a bill for their share of the incurred national debt. If not that, then the president should declare federal martial law, and immediately arrest and detain ALL the evil and out of control doers along with their defenders & supporters. Management of all those apprehended could be performed by military tribunals, and certainly not by local or state civil crony-courts & judges.

    They want a war …give them one. Speaker of the House gets evicted from the Union along with her state. Washington & Oregon states are evicted, too. Other states are likewise dealt with and ALL are reverted back to territory status. The federal government then appoints federal territory governors. The states may be allowed to apply for readmission, but only after acts of contrition. Only the senate decides who is allowed back into the Union after a readmission application.

    As a precedent, South Carolina was not allowed to rejoin the Union until thirteen years after the end of the American Civil War. States can secede as evidenced by the American Civil War. However, I think bad conduct and not honoring the obligations and responsibilities that come with admittance to the Union warrants deserved expulsions, as well.

    Hit them where it hurts, take away their representation, and confiscate everything they have to pay their share of the outstanding national debt; don’t forget they benefited from and own their share of the debt after all.

    Just some real food for thought …ruminate on that!

    I have the credentials to support my view.

  4. When you are talking with someone who is wearing a mask, say, Masks don’t work.” When they ask why not, say, “Because if they did, they’d be banned . . . just like hydroxchloroquine.”

  5. Personally I read articles indicating the entire planet is going bonkers (China v. India), (Greece v. Turkey), etc. I wonder if there isn’t something at a meta level influencing humanity such as the Maunder minimum we are experiencing, the weakening of the earth’s magnetic field, or it’s wandering at about 40 miles per year toward Siberia. It leads me to wonder what might happen if we get a magnetic reversal.

  6. “That our liberty and economy are being threatened.”

    All that remains is the legend about there being liberty and an economy. The real question is how can we get it back for real?

  7. AGAIN … In my Rural KY County we refuse to wear a mask as ‘ordered’ by our Govr. Even the POLICE do NOT wear masks.
    It is crowded conditions + Time that = COVID. Stay out of large, close groups and enclosed spaces for over 5 minutes and you will not contact COVID.

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