Over 2 1/2 feet of snow possible for Yosemite – in mid May!

Winter (as in WINTER) storm warning. Thirty-three inches (84 cm) of snow possible.

Wednesday Night
Snow… could be heavy at times. Low around 23F… Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 6 to 10 inches possible.

Snow… could be heavy at times. Some thunder also possible. High near 24F… Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 10 to 16 inches possible.

Thursday Night
Snow… could be heavy at times. Low around 18F… Chance of precipitation is 80%. New snow accumulation of 3 to 7 inches possible.


National Weather Service Hanford CA May 14 2019

Central Sierra, North Kings River and Sequoia Kings.
Including the cities of Devils Postpile, Florence Lake, Lake Thomas Edison, Tuolumne Meadows, Fish Camp, Shaver Lake, Camp Nelson, Giant Forest, Lodgepole, and Grant Grove


Heavy snow expected above 5000 feet. Total snow accumulation of up to 21 inches expected. Winds gusting as high as 40 mph.


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9 thoughts on “Over 2 1/2 feet of snow possible for Yosemite – in mid May!”

  1. Cold anomaly in the south of Siberia – IA “Meteonovosti”

    Arctic air settled in southern Siberia. Extremely cold nights are found in places in the Kemerovo Region and Altai.
    So, on May 14 in the town of Kamen-on-Ob it was freezing in the morning to -6.3°C (the previous minimum of -6.0 was in 1948), in Novokuznetsk there were frosts up to -3.6°C (the previous strongest frosts to -3.0 were observed in 1978). Historical minimum temperatures recorded in Slavgorod, -4.4°C (previous -3.9 in 1948) and in Biysk, -5.1°C (previous -3.4 in 1951)

    Taking into account the low daytime temperature in this part of Siberia, the weather is cooler than usual by 10 degrees, that is, it is April.

    And in the near future warming is not visible. On May 16 at night it is expected to be about zero temperature with clearings up to -9°C. During the day, the air will warm up to 8…14°C. In the north of the Tomsk region and in some places in Altai, it is only 2…7°C.

  2. Cut out the hysteria
    We all know that human caused global warming
    selectively produces extreme cold in some areas
    and induces permanent ice formations which
    persist and grow annually

    If this warming doesn’t stop
    we might be trapped in a permanent ice age

    Even the torrid zone will not be safe

    Maybe we’ll be able to warm up on Mars

    • Well, cool data analysis reveals that 35 years in 49 (36 in 50 including this years data) it has snowed in Mammoth Mountain ski resort. In seven of those years, precipitation exceeded 20 inches.

      The real question is what the lower altitude limit of May snowfall has been over that time period….

  3. I am in Silicon Valley. It is presently raining. The character is like a winter storm. Cold, blustery. Not at all like other occasional warm spring showers (that usually end by April 20th or so).

    Snow this late is not just as one weather personcalled it “anomalous”, it is bizarre.

    Often, inMay, the AC is on, the BBQ is cooking, and the SUMMER garden has been in since April 15.

    What is happening now is not at all like warm. It IS like winter in late spring.

  4. Current conditions in the Sierra, interstate 80 closed due to spin outs. Changing me required in areas not closed.

  5. This is going to ruin a lot of camping trips since people have to make reservations at least 6 months in advance! Yosemite can be very treacherous when there is a lot of precipitation, hopefully people will be extremely careful. But on the bright side the risk of wildfires should be very low this summer and fall.

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