Overthrowing Environmentalism

Overthrowing Environmentalism

“On Earth Day—April 22nd—the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, the dictator who imposed Communism on Russia in 1917, the various elements of the environmental movement will flood the world with propaganda. The connection between these two events should not be ignored.”

Overthrowing Environmentalism

By Alan Caruba

In 1517 Martin Luther set off the Protestant revolution against the Catholic Church that led to the spread of the then-new movement as a response to the corruption of the Church. It took time for it to establish itself as an alternative and was greatly aided by the invention of printing and spread of literacy, but mostly because ordinary people had grown weary of the Church’s extravagance, poor governance, and resistance to change.

The selling of worthless “indulgences” as a means to wipe one’s sins clean was the final straw.

Environmentalism has become a modern religion and its “cap and trade” scheme to sell worthless permission slips for the emission of so-called “greenhouse gases”—based on United Nations Kyoto Protocol calling for a reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth’s atmosphere—is being rejected by many nations .

As it has become common knowledge that CO2 is vital to all life on Earth and plays no role in affecting the climate, ordinary people have concluded that global warming in particular and environmentalism in general is a giant fraud.

No one argues that nations should not attend to the basic maintenance of clean air and water. That view predates the environmental movement, but the stranglehold on nation’s economies and the ability to engage in any form of commerce has reached a breaking point. The fact is, the U.S. has made great strides over the years and there are limits to how “clean” the air and water can or even should be. The EPA wanted to regulate “dust” at one point until Congress put an end to that insanity.

The lies required to maintain environmentalism and its vast matrix of laws and regulations are being publicly rejected and a recent example is a letter sent to NASA administrator by fifty present and former astronauts, scientists, and engineers who work for NASA is a seminal moment, not unlike Martin Luther’s 95 theses nailed to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg.

The NASA employee’s letter demanded that its Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) “refrain from including unproven remarks in public releases and websites. We believe that the claims of NASA and GISS, that man-made carbon dioxide is having a catastrophic impact on global change are not substantiated, especially when considering thousands of years of empirical data.”

It should be noted that the global warming hoax can be dated to testimony by James Hansen before Congress in 1988 and he is still the GISS administrator! His apocalyptic predictions helped launch a U.S. response currently seen in the Environmental Protection Agency power-grab, based on the false CO2 claims, that will eliminate one fifth of the coal-fired plants providing electricity to a large swath of the nation and likely end the building of new comparable facilities.

On April 9th, Rasmussen Reports, a polling organization, release the results of a poll that found that 52% of likely voters “think there’s a conflict between economic growth and environmental protection, though 31% disagreed.” Rasmussen stated that “support for investing in fossil fuels like oil and gas is also at a new high amidst near-record gas prices and the on-going development of the Keystone XL pipeline which President Obama blocked for environmental reasons.”

The following day, April 10th, Rasmussen released results of another poll that found that 44% of likely voters “believe, generally speaking, that the EPA’s regulations and actions hurt the economy. Just 17% disagree.”

On February 21st, Steve Milloy of JunkScience.com, was published in The Washington Times in an opinion about EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s testimony before Congress writing that “Over the past three years, the Obama EPA has conducted a scorched earth campaign against fossil fuel producers and users, especially the coal-fired power industry, with multibillion-dollar rules that provide no meaningful environmental or public health benefits.”

The environmental revolution—a Communist agenda—is being resisted piece by piece by scientists and others who no longer will submit to its utterly false “science” and its UN-inspired Agenda 21 plans to impose control over all aspects of life on planet Earth. A June Rio conference will largely abandon the fear-mongering of global warming in favor of “sustainability”, a matrix of controls that will enslave the world’s population with the worst totalitarian precepts since the rise of Communism and Nazism in the last century.

Agenda21 has been at work in America for decades at this point and few have any idea what it represents. It is destroying property rights in America and that’s just for starters.

On Earth Day—April 22nd—the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, the dictator who imposed Communism on Russia in 1917, the various elements of the environmental movement will flood the world with propaganda. The connection between these two events should not be ignored.

Environmentalism should be soundly rejected and the emerging movement to overthrow it should redouble its efforts.

© Alan Caruba, 2012


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12 thoughts on “Overthrowing Environmentalism”

  1. I’m afraid that ‘global warming’ er ‘climate change’ er ‘climate disruption’ policies have and already being instituted into your towns and cities locally via Agenda 21 (ICLEI). If you want a refresher about how this is and has been happening for many years under the radar, here is an extremely entertaining and informative analysis on the subject:
    We can talk till we are blue in the face about the global warming scam, but if we don’t kick ICLEI out of our towns & cities we have already lost the fight. Agenda 21 is a global scam.
    Alan Caruba is right, as always.

  2. Yes communism and environmentalism do rely heavily on propaganda to mold public opinion and justify their supremacy. An example is the history channals explaination of the permian extinction where they asserted that it was CO2 and methane derived from volcanism and the burning of siberian coal deposits that caused the mass extinction. Frankly this does not make sense given the evidence and basic science.

    Here are my thoughts on the matter.

    After watching a History Channel documentary called Earths deadliest eruptions I believe the scientists have errored in their analysis of why there was a mass extinction at the end of the permian period. Their conclusions rest on the excessive release of CO2 and methane over a period of one million years and yet they also talk of the oceans being polluted with hydrogen sulphide and the rock layer at the permian triassic boundary being rich in iron pyrite. It is a known fact that the dominant gas in shield volcanoes other than water vapor is SO2. With strato volcanoes there is more CO2 due to the subduction of oceanic plates that would contain carbonate rocks and sediments. The burning of siberian coal underneath deep layers of basaltic lava would be limited due to the lack of oxygen. At best you would have volatile gases being cooked out of the coal where it comes in contact with volcanic pipes and fissures. Therefore the dominant gases emitted would have been SO2 and water vapor.

    I would state that it was the SO2 from siberian coal and the siberian traps shield volcano that altered the climate by polluting the atmosphere and oceans with sulphuric acid which would cause a deep freeze that would retard plant growth and cause death from exposure to extreme cold, hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide poisoning, starvation and competition for food and habitat. If the problem was excessive CO2 levels then you would have higher growth rates for plant life and the resulting production of oxygen.

    A more accurate way of looking at the situation is to imagine a larger version of the Laki eruption in 1783- 84 that lasted one million years and caused the permian extinction.

    Its a little different from the official propaganda on the subject.

  3. I for one will be boycotting Earth Day, as I have since its 1990 expression in Toronto, where overly dramatic eco-protestors doused sidewalks and buildings in quicklime whitewash images of eco-apocalypse. Inane slogans were scrawled on streets and bus shelters. Their excuse was that the whitewash was ‘natural’ while dodging the blight they dumped on the clean streets of Hogtown. That they have risen to such heights of power is frightening.

  4. “I don´t care what becomes of Russia, to hell with it. All this is only the road to a World revolution” – Vladimir Lenin

  5. wouldnt it be really nice if ALL the warmist fearmongering items pushed down our throats daily had to!! only use proven Facts..
    but of course if that was the case…theyd get NO airtime at all.
    oh if only…
    and yeah re agenda 21 theres a BIG push on now to get Sustainability memes made into LAWS so that when they get to Rio its all pre done deals.
    really dirty underhanded means to make global laws over riding countries sovreign rights.
    a new EO by mr sotero this week gives him control of??
    all the gas, frakked and other. in usa.
    now wasnt that one kept quiet?

  6. This is the left’s basket and it holds all their eggs. Here in California Earth day is fast becoming the major holiday of spring. I live in a valley. A small creek runs through the bottom of it. Every year at this time the neighbors all get together pay for a large refuse dumpster and clean the creek. I am told that it has been this way since the 1950’s. No agenda, no message, just some folks getting together to clean our collective nest. We usually bbq and drink beer after the work is done. This year a small group of residents have co-opted the event. They want to establish a home owners association, and have invited a Prof from the local community college to speak on you guessed it global warming. I have refused to participate. I will not lend either my money or my labor to this effort. I have begun campaigning against these idiots trying to get everyone I can to boycott them. They took a perfectly innocent, effective and fun event and turned it into an enviro political affair that I and others find offensive.

  7. Glenn Beck put out a interesting fact yesterday on his internet TV show. He laid out the wht the Keystone pipeline line was blocked. Is so Warren Buffitt’s company Burlington Northern Santa Fe can make million of dollars transporting the from Canada to the refineries. Good old Warren has donate million to the environmental group that protesting the building of pipeline. Very interesting isn’t.
    Environmentalist have a history of working for big business. Also very interesting that Earth Day shares the day with Lenin’s birthday. But the it is all a part to NWO to take over the world. UN Agenda 21 is just another tool. I also remember they where worried about global cooling on the first Earth Day. Did they change the script.

  8. We need a Human Day to honor the great achievements of humans and the potential for the human mind to solve any problem (as long as governments and busybodies stay the heck out of our way).

  9. My first impression of the cartoon was that “Global Warming” was the dead person on the floor. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, but it should be!
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Robert and everyone for their contributions to this site. Information presented on this site has helped me with my “Blogs” informing people that “Global Warming is dead” as well as spreading the truth that CO2 has little or no effect and the world is not in jeopardy. As Alan Caruba stated years ago: “Earths refrigerator is not broken”! The world IS getting colder and few are willing to heed the warning signs.
    Unfortunately, our education system is broken. Instead of graduating people striving for truth and knowledge, they turn out ignorant robots that lip-sink Al Gore or others.
    The question I have is how do we get our word out? Radio free America?

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