Overwhelming majority of Britons think climate change is FAKE

Hey, Prince Charles: Your subjects may not be as stupid as you thought.

Of the 14,491 votes cast, a staggering 85% of Britons (12,421) remain skeptical when it comes to climate change, according to Express.co.uk polls.

Only six per cent agreed when asked whether humans definitely cause climate change.

The majority – 51 per cent – said any change in temperatures were down to “the sun and changing cycles” rather than fossil fuels.

Another 42 per cent believed the Earth’s temperatures will always fluctuate regardless of manmade changes.

The finding comes on the eve of the UN summit in Paris that is expected to result in big cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

But already, scientists have told Express.co.uk the plans would only reduce the temperatures by a measly 0.05C.



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    • Well observed!

      It is a general rule that if a solution to a well known problem much propagandised by the media is to raise taxes then it is always the case that the problem is a scam.

      For example:

      Apparently it has recently been discovered that obesity and even diabetes are caused by sugar. So the UK government are to impose taxes on sugar laden drinks. We know from the above rule that the problem is a scam. The fact of the scam can be deduced from simple facts and common sense logic e.g.

      All digestible carbohydrate converts to sugar during digestion.
      All soda pop in the 1960s was sweetened with sugar rather than sweeteners but the obesity rate was about 6% of what it is today.

      The fact of the scam can also be deduced from the scientific literature e.g. obesity is caused by the metabolic syndrome, itself due to a combination of insulin resistance and the poisoning of mitochondrial walls by trans fatty acids. Indeed insulin resistance is caused by the poisoning of cell walls by TFAs. Both these effects slow glucose transport and reduce the production of ATP in the mitochondria which slows the metabolism in the body as a result. We can also discover that diabetes itself is caused by poisoning of the short electron transport chain in pancreatic beta cells but we don’t do real science when there is money to be made.

      In the UK the policy is to tax sugar and flood the food chain with trans fats. Most are produced in hydrogenation plants which are still running full tilt despite the almost complete absence of hydrogenated oils on the super market shelves. You see what the genocidal psychos did a few years ago was to turn off the hydrogen to the hydrogenation plants – not the oil! This increases the trans fat content and the incidence of the trans fat conditions notably type 2 diabetes, CV disease and modern Alzheimers.

      A similar fate is to be imposed on the citizens of the USA. Hydrogenation is to be banned, not trans fats.

      It is standard practice in UK medicine to recommend the consumption of unsaturated vegetable oils, especially rapeseed oil. This is because it maximises the profits of the doctors who symptom treat the resulting conditions and Big Pharma of course. And yes, these unsaturated oils are trans fats – but of course they do not tell you that.

  1. First sentence says: “Hey, Prince Charles: Your subjects may not be as stupid as you thought.” But it should read “Hey, Prince Charles: Your subjects may not be as stupid as you!”

    • Probably why his mother is hanging on so resolutely. Waiting until Chas is too old to be put into a position of too much power!

        • Definitely in on the scam!
          He’s using all the warming bullshit to fertilise his tomatoes which he talks Ro constantly

        • Scams? Really? Prince Charles’s great uncle, Edward VIII, the guy who would not be king, and quit “for the woman I love,” made a fortune in money laundering after he quit the throne, by using his position and connections. Not only that he was a Nazi, and his brother, George VI, (he of “The King’s Speech”), wouldn’t speak to him. Edward VIII was such an embarrassment as an army officer in the Battle of France at the outbreak of WW II, that they shipped him off to be governor of the Bahamas to get him out of Europe and out of public view, and try to put him someplace where he couldn’t do any harm.

  2. So, now the religious climateconvent is starting in Paris on Monday, that’ll last for a staggering 14 days, why in heaven’s name ?, in which both politicians and scientists will be further brainwashed by the Khazarian, Illuminati Brotherhood into fully believing and attesting to the CO2 warming cult and then subsequently the followers are let loose onto the gullible population so as to convert them all into becoming obedient AGW followers and missionaries for the unbelievers !
    These strange, sudden southerly gale like winds may well be geo- engineered (euphenism for weathermanipulation), so that the msm can honestly tell the public that it’s far too warm for the time of year, which it is, at least in Paris and surroundings, thus supporting the idea of higher temperatures, due to AGW ! What do you think of that explanation ?

    • Quote:
      These strange, sudden southerly gale like winds may well be geo- engineered (euphenism for weather manipulation)
      This is what a meridional jet stream is during the low points of the solar cycle, they also tend to get stuck on one track for weeks at a time due to blocking Highs and very large gyrating low pressure systems sucking up water vapor in the Atlantic and dumping it on land.
      This change from east to west stream to meridional is driven by the variability in the amount of EUV emitted by the Sun over its cycle, this variably is as much as 16% over a full solar cycle.
      During a solar minimum such as this, with its much reduced EUV output spanning several cycles, SC23, SC24 and SC25 which will be even lower than this one, you are watching natural geo-engineering from a ring side seat.

  3. Update from DMI:
    Well above trend for the last 15 years.
    Please notice, that the sea ice extent in this plot is calculated with the coastal zones masked out. To see the absolute extent, go to:
    Sea ice extent in recent years for the northern hemisphere.
    The grey shaded area corresponds to the climate mean
    plus/minus 1 standard deviation.
    Given that the previous climate mean was for the previous Solar Warm Period which ended in 2008.
    Ice levels are beginning to recover quickly

  4. Interesting, among my personal acquaintances there’s a definite trend, the “better educated” white collar people mostly believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming / Climate Change, while the “lesser educated” blue collar people mostly think it’s a scam.

  5. Hypothetically, of course, if one could control the heating of the atmosphere, what would be the nominal setting? What is good for some, is worse for others. Drought in California eliminated but it moved to the eastern coast, for example. Who controls the thermostat? I’ve seen arguments over the thermostat in an office setting, before. Nobody would agree on an optimum temperature – would they? Fortunately, perhaps, we may never be able to control the temperature over such a large scale – well not today, anyway.

  6. Politicians live and work in areas where the air is conditioned to perfection. They live carbon rich lives. Jet-setting to Paris – partying and being seen with celebrities and power brokers. Ask individuals about the science however and listen to the unanimous parroting of “97% consensus”, before asking for crackers.

  7. When I went to school the words “greenhouse effect” were never mentioned – I did pure academic courses in high school and at University involving science and maths.

    Today even primary school children are being brainwashed by study courses that ask questions like “do all gases absorb heat ? “.

    Their teachers then tell them NO – all gases do not absorb heat – only greenhouse gases absorb heat !

    This is of course complete bullshit !

    Of course ALL gases absorb heat – the air temperature you experience is not due to a few percent of water vapour and 0.04% CO2 while the rest 99% has not temperature !

    If non greenhouse gases do not radiate as implied by the greenhouse effect hypothesis then no wonder they don’t cool down – which is also bullshit because the fact that we have maximum and minimum air temperatures daily dispels that lie also.

    But children believe their teachers wouldn’t lie to them and they are thus primed as acolytes of the CO2 is Satan church.

    Back it up with a media campaign which highlights every storm – something that also never happened to the extent it does today when I went to school – and no wonder we have a group of young people motivated to levels of stupidity as demonstrated by protesting in a city where only a few weeks ago hundreds were murdered by a real threat !

    When I went to school we had good and bad weather, storms and floods, droughts and fires – the big difference is they weren’t treated as if they had never occurred before and weren’t endlessly reported.

    Misdirection in teaching “science” to children and media reporting of global warming/climate change has become an art form.

    • No it’s a political tool used by the establishment to teach the masses to believe in what ever the establishment requires.
      The social tool keeps them on their straight and narrow, it keep them cheap to manage, cheap to employ, and allow the great and the good to have a worshipful flock to tell them how good they are, while they junket around the world, living the high life.
      Education serves two rolls, the first to teach the masses to read and write, so that they can educate themselves with suitable guidance from their betters, the second to identify the few that the establishment needs to maintain its political control though the changing generations. As yet we do not have one theocracy controlling the whole world; Theocracies tend to fight with others when they bump into one another in the competition for resources. Dystopia has been alive and well since the French revolution.

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