Pacaya Volcano Eruption in Guatemala – Videos

The 2,500-meter (8,200-foot) volcano that lies 25 km the south of Guatemala City has been erupting for 50 days, damaging plantations, destroying buildings, roadways, trees, vegetation – everything in the lava’s path.

31 Mar 2021 – Pacaya is expelling ash up to 500 meters from its crater, located 2.5 km southwest of the cone, the vulcanology institute said in a statement. The activity has produced a lava flow 2.2 km long on the west flank of the volcano.

7 May 2021 – Lava flows from the Pacaya Volcano in San Vicente Pacaya,  Guatemala. The current eruption is effusive, with lava releasing to the ground, as opposed to an explosive eruption.

The volcano has been active since early February.

7 thoughts on “Pacaya Volcano Eruption in Guatemala – Videos”

  1. While they always say nothing compares to Pinatubo (I’m not convinced), I’d say several eruptions of La Soufriere volcano probably equaled or exceeded it for ash. Don’t forget about Taal.last year either, which is getting restive again perhaps.

    • Ask the people up in Iceland: the new volcano (a pronounceable Norse name, if you speak Norse) now has seven (count ’em) cones, all in a long line and shows no signs of stopping. Gives some whoppingly high ejections of lava, and quite spectacular. Great tourist attraction. Shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

  2. And the ecohippies think that they can control what this planet does?

    I have enormous sympathy for these people, who have lost their home and plantations and have to start over elsewhere. This is sad, but it is what the planet does: chooses its own path.

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