Pacific Ocean ‘blob’ linked to weather extremes – Video

Pacific Ocean ‘blob’ linked to weather extremes – Video

Scientists think the ‘blob’ could be behind the weather extremes across North America in recent winters, says this video from the BBC.

The warm water heats the air above it, the video explains. This creates an area of high pressure over western North America, giving it settled, mostly dry, and in this case warm, weather.

At the same time, the area of high pressure deflects the jet stream, allowing the cold and snow to dip down the eastern side of the USA.

The video tells of sea lion pups starving off the coast of California because their food is in the far-away colder waters. Their mothers are therefore forced to  swim much longer distances.

Also see my post warning that this could lead to the next ice age:

Pacific Ocean far warmer than normal – NOT our fault

If for some reason the video doesn’t work, you can also view it here:

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  1. Perhaps in late summer the warmer water will allow tropical storms off the western Mexican coast to send moisture into California. Usually the cooler water off California veer these storms to the northwest .

  2. Now I may be wrong on this but I was taught that localised surface warming causes the air above it to warm. This results in this air convecting away from the warm surface causing it to rise and reducing pressure locally – the result being low pressure not high.

    This leads to areas of low pressure and if the temperature differences become significant over warm water the pressure continues to lower.

    Air from areas away from the local low pressure begins to flow in to balance the low pressure in a circular pattern and in turn is warmed and convected away from the surface.

    As the humidity rapidly increases due to evaporation and as water vapour in air is less dense than dry air the pressure drops again leading to a convection induced storm which we call hurricanes or cyclones in the southern hemisphere.

    At least that is what I was taught.

    This is the explanation from the UK “Met” Office:-

    “Areas of high and low pressure are caused by ascending and descending air. As air warms, it ascends leading to low pressure at the surface. As air cools, it descends leading to high pressure at the surface.”

    Now it seems climate science has yet another explanation for the “old” science. As usual that explanation is different to other scientific disciplines.

    • We were also taught that cold caused winter weather, but now we are told that global warming causes winter weather. I think I even remember my science teachers saying that the sun (gasp) was the source of heat for all the planets, now we hear it is CO2 instead. (sarcasm)

  3. Yes the blob has given rise to a ridge in the west and a trough in the east of N. America.

    ENSO probably caused the blob in the first place.

    I think this area is transient the blob will dissipate

  4. My question is, will the blob dissipate and when. This year was a waste of my Ski Season Pass. I am wondering what next year will bring. If the Blob exists to the same extent it has for the passed two Ski Season, West Coast Skiing will not exist.

    I doubt the Government will put much into studying this since it give them the results they desire and admitting it is not Man Made would go directly against their agenda.

    • You may find that in a previous Solar Minimum called Dalton has similar drought conditions existed over the West coast for around 30 to 40 years. In my view the North East of America will experience a sequence of increasingly harsh winters for the next 10 years, with a corresponding drought in the South West of America.
      I believe these long term droughts are well documented in the historical record and unlikely to have been edited out of existence to support AGW as drought is a Warmist issue. I have news for the Warmists, it’s a fundamental part of the cooling agenda for the next 30 years.
      Our climate is driven by the Jet Streams and the blocking High and Low Pressures systems, an example is the Azores high and the Icelandic low
      Other paired Highs and Lows exist and I believe the Pacific has a similar pairing.
      However, looking on the up side, the snow season when you get it, will last much, much longer than during the Modern Solar Warm Period which ended in 2008.

  5. More energy … into the solar sphere … even as the sun seems to be moving to “spotless” … i.e., sunspot wise … for the moment:

    Interesting to see what energy gets picked up from this … and others like it … even when sun spots are not tied to these solar energy transfers … could perhaps heat a few pots of water … or add energy to the upper layers of the atmosphere … which layers might just get churned up a tad, in the process …

  6. Since the global climate has not warmed enough (or not at all) to cause such a warm ocean blob, the only remaining plausible explanation is subsea geothermal heat, volanic eruptions or pyroclastic flows on a scale large enough to heat a million square miles of ocean.

  7. This plays right into the hands of the Global Warmers. They’ve been hinting since the winter of 2010/11 that global warming causes snow and ice. They’ll use this as proof, that all the bad weather the NE USA has seen this year can now be shown to be due to warming of the atmosphere. It doesn’t matter what happens, they will twist it to fit their AGW doctrine.

    • Yeah, they’ve all seen ‘The Day after Tomorrow’. They don’t understand that it was just a movie.

  8. This warm water has been linked to sudden mass extinctions of mammals and sea life throughout history. Prior to the dinosaur extinction, water temps suddenly rose between 18-22F. They went extinct, then sea levels fell 1/5th of a mile as an ice age ensued in a very short period of time. It’s all on the geological chart. Massive volcanoes occurred underwater and on the surface during the extinction process. Typical ongoing cycle during magnetic reversals.

    • I’m not sure this theory has been completely proven, although a link between the warm Pacific water and the persisting high pressure responsible for California’s mild, dry winter seems a reasonable assumption. It’s obvious the jet stream has brought extraordinary amounts of snow and cold to the northeast as a result of the blocking high. If the theory is correct, as I believe it is, then what happened in past millennia to bring sufficient amounts of snow and cold to the Sierra Nevada to cause the glacial effects we now see there in places like Yosemite? Did the “Blob” move further west in the Pacific, or did it just break down and the waters return to normal temperatures. In either case, what then do we posit as the cause of the next ice age?

  9. The lone station measuring the increase in CO2 is located in Hawaii. Could it be that all the measured CO2 increases during the last decade are simply the result of the nearby Blob?

    • I’ve often wondered if the CO2 concentrations might not be measured as higher in Hawaii because of the high amount of volcanic activity there. If this is so, can the CO2 levels in Hawaii actually be a reliable measure of global CO2?


    • I wonder if the CO2 measuring station is in a known volcanically active area on purpose to measure local volcanically emitted CO2 and blaming the increase on fossil fuels. Are there CO2 measuring stations in the industrial areas of the northern hemisphere too? How do you distinguish among fuel burning-, ocean-emitted and volcanic CO2?

    • Thanks for that link. It is also stated that Arctic sea-ice cover is the lowest in years and this decrease more than cancels the growth of Antarctic sea-ice. This does not seem to be supported by the ice maps provided in “Climate4youSnow Cover”.

  10. Hers another potential cause. Cant say I agree totally but maybe worth condsidering
    “The question has been raised as to whether this could be caused by heated groundwater and radioactive waste from the Fukushima plant flowing into the Pacific, thereby slowly raising ocean temperatures over the past few years…. ”
    If theres enough of the stuff , and theres plenty of it (radioactive waste).

    • If you’ll look at the ice-age map on the right side of this page, you can see the ice extent during the last ice age. Snow lines descended 6/10ths of a mile at that time, so I would expect the higher areas of California to see more snow, along with glaciation in some areas.

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