Pakistan – Biting cold brings life to halt

26 Jan 2016 – Punjab authorities have closed down schools from Jan 26 to 31 because of biting cold, a private TV channel reported.

Dense fog and biting cold continued disturbing routine life in plains of the country including Lahore yesterday by disrupting road, air and rail traffic and causing large scale gas load shedding.

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  1. Philippines: More cold to come as Baguio plunges to new 10.8°C low Published January 27, 2016
    Early mornings will get colder across most of the Philippines over the coming days, as the chill Amihan winds continue to blow in from the northeast of the country.
    Usually one of the coldest cities in the country due to its elevation, Baguio City posted a new low of 10.8°C early Wednesday, January 27, according to a report on GMA News To Go.
    This is the coldest temperature yet recorded by state weather forecasters since the onset of the Amihan in October, lower than the 11.5°C posted last January 25.
    Baguio shivers as temps drop
    BAGUIO CITY— January 27th, 2016
    The biting cold, which residents here missed during the Yuletide holidays in December, arrived on the mornings of Monday and Tuesday when they least expected it.
    The mercury dropped to 10.8 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, the coldest morning so far this year. It followed the sharp temperature drop to 11.5 degrees Celsius at 5 a.m. on Monday, from a relatively warmer Sunday when the temperature was 15.6 degrees and on Saturday when the barometer recorded 14.6 degrees.
    Parents had to bundle up schoolchildren because of the unexpected chill that was felt as early as 4 a.m. at the start of the week.

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