Pakistan Government Warns Citizens to Prepare for Global Cooling – Video

“This is the second country to now come out and tell its citizens to prepare,” says David DuByne. “Russia was first, now Pakistan.”

The Pakistan Meteorological Bureau put out a lengthy 59 page report warning that Global cooling will begin in 2019.

The Bureau, which referenced solar cycles in their warning, called for urgent action to help their society cope with the changes.

Thanks to Mickey Russell and David DuByne for this video

“Why doesn’t our government do the same?” asks Mickey.

Mauri S. from Italy found the report by Dr. Hanif of the Pakistan Meteorological Dept mentioned in this video. You can view the report on Facebook here:;XwkkYHoixrPtVdjk9E~_ATbpMTMjPVdIyyAF~_5Np6zePVY8gNf9a7QGe9wz~;o77b1fXqs~;~_N8ntCNjDxnniOvmReK~;mP4F~;3DwcyP3Hopcq~_~;MT8G9bxPynIyP5EnzEv43~;0ywE7GPsl9EnnKvHp~;fjqjZN364HzlqD~_9tv7uVw1mfs3WP~;a3QGd~_K3TO1wY~_Hfdz~_jfy7p6NvLvnwL~;YP~;jecjr2Mc4z2Ee4z8T2J~_8xyMtv3gjeL~_81otAf2cBCxnx8byOFfj3~_5Gt~;v~_c8~_PP9zVPoToZ~;0P8FdOY~;fF~;ebx7m5~;3m4b3yfY5ifv~;n9SvmKe4v7FfMy~;c32mDOq7N~_xn6DXx4b2I4~;~;jH0t9x~_rWPUc1~_Dv9LP93~_Iu58jL04P6Mf4Hi~_OoXP~;wPu5~_wX8nP2B~_f1033phfuz9o04vsP4Ch2EHyA~-~-.bps.a.559468290873034.1073741833.552512361568627/559469337539596/?type=3&theater

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    • Not that I know of, nor are the BRICs, Pakistan is in the main mountainous hill country, with the Hindu Kush range on their northern boarders and high hill country to Indian border, A third of the country is coastal plain, subject to monsoon flooding.
      LIAs start at high latitudes and high altitudes; this kind of cyclic natural climate change happens every 172 years and lasts for 30 years. The next 20 years are going to be very interesting times for all of us; it will warm up slowly after 2056

  1. Why ? Because they are the same people who are enforcing the Georgia Guidestones , I just think genocidal maniacs don’t know they also may become part of their reduction.

    • And hopefully soon about 20 other gov’s where people been loosing livestock due to cold do the same, then US & other agw liars will really have to step up the lying camp.This can’t happen fast enough for me. Lotta young liars out there to that need to live this agw bs down fast. At least we have some in the Pres. campaign who are exposing the lie, warnings are next because the 200 year solar minimum does not care who’s president.

  2. India: Rohtang gets heavy snowfall, Feb 20, 2016
    With high and other hills of the state experiencing fresh spell of snow and lower parts being lashed by rain, there has been a sudden fall in the temperature, resulting in a fresh cold wave griping most parts of the state.
    The Rohtang Pass in Kullu district has already recorded over one foot of snow which is still continuing. Similarly, Kosar and Keylong have recorded over one foot of snow. The Chanchal and Churdhar peaks in Shimla and Solan districts too have had a fresh spell of snow since last night. The higher peaks in Chamba, Pangi and Bharmour have also had snow since last night.

    Heavy Rains, Snowfall Likely In Himachal Pradesh Over Next 2 Days World Wide News 19 feb. 2016

    Cold front to sweep China. BEIJING, Feb. 19 (Xinhua)
    A cold front will sweep across most of China, bringing strong winds and low temperatures over the next three days, the National Meteorological Center (NMC) said on Friday.

    VIDEO: Feeling the heat? It’s snowing in Tasmania
    19th Feb 2016

    Farmers raze a radish field with tractors in the city of Seogwipo on South Korea’s biggest island of Jeju on Feb. 19, 2016, as most of the vegetables have died because of cold-weather damage.

  3. Because their agenda is to weaken America. America is under assault by a multitude of forces working together against her. We are being attacked via the internet, threatened by nations doing the attacking and impacted by people trying to collapse our social system to put the nation in chaos with a military that won’t be able to protect the nation.

    The problem in America wont be outsiders at first. It will be citizens banding together to take food water and supplies from others. Then we will be attacked from outside forces. That plus our govt is infiltrated with Muslims based on comments by retired generals. These people are in every agency we have and have access to our most sensitive data and technology.

    People wont like my next statement, GOD has lifted his hedge of protection from America. We will fall.

  4. Quote “Global cooling will begin in 2019”.
    No. The global cooling process start during SC23 with the first shalow AMP event , it was immediatly reinforced during this SC24 cycle with a major AMP event. It will be further reinforced with an even large cooling event during the next cycle SC25.
    After that it very likely that a WOLF-GLEISSBERG CYCLE will continue the global cooling process though solar cycles 26 to 29.
    Shahinaz M. Yousef
    Astronomy &Meteorology Dept.
    Faculty of Science -Cairo University
    Now look at the causes of Gleissberg cycles:

  5. good on them for being aware and having the good sense to start to warn the public
    going to be a lot of other nations caught short that have only planned for the fictitious heatwaves and rising seas etc.

  6. We don’t have to wait for the Elite rulers to remove the blindfolds we’ve been fitted with (mind manipulation by the media over the past 50 years). There must be plenty of people in high places who refuse to toe the party line and blow that whistle. When their own people are at risk, they WILL move to protect them, unlike our, oh so superior, western governments who are tight, self-centered, egotistical, thoughtless liars, who only care about themselves and their immediate family. It’s going to become glaringly obvious over the next 2 to 4 years as the Sun enters it’s solar minimum state that we are all in for a rocky ride, or should that be an icy ride?. Maybe we’ll see the Pakistani officials who blew the ice age whistle taken out for speaking out…we shall see soon enough??

  7. This is amazing! The same government that prosecutes people for blaspheme against Islam and “insulting the phrophet”, persecuted Christians for supposedly desecrating the qu’oran, prosecutes people for practicing “sorcery”, actually gets it right in regards to climate change. Just broadcasts how political climate change is in the US. Truly amazing…

  8. Excellent video from Adapt2030. Interesting to see if other countries do the same and warn their citizens to start preparing for the coming cold. But I doubt they will, after all those countries signed the Paris deal in December.

  9. I am sorry but I do not believe for one minute our governments or “scientists” “know” we are headed for global cooling and are simply keeping quiet about it.

    For one thing, IF there is a return to a little ice age – and there is no certainty this will occur – then the reputation of science will be completely trashed !

    It will be an even bigger belly-laugh than the Martian Canals nonsense of the early 20th century.

    As will the reputations of most of our governments, the UN and the vast majority of “celebrities” !

    I don’t believe our governments believe this will occur for one minute except those that have already taken a sceptical stance and those are few and far between.

    What I have never understood is how a bunch of people who think they are so intellectually superior can continue to have such zealous faith in a hypothesis which matched observations for a mere few decades and now no longer matches observations for a period of almost the same duration.

    You’d think the truly intelligent thing to do is to hedge your bets !

    • With the greatest respect only the Western Anglo Saxon powers are in this particular boat of AGW, and laying though their teeth.
      To the point of fraudulently throwing into land fill several tens of years of hard copy temperature statistics, having digitized them onto machine alterable media, not write once and read many times ROMS, but RW entirely alterable data sets.
      The Green terrorist foxes are in the chicken coop.
      CO2 isn’t the problem but blinkered, biased Ologists barking up the wrong tree, crying wolf, so that we get rid of carbon based energy production systems is.
      Without energy our economy crashes, without a functioning economy, and the same time experience a solar minimum, our civilization crashes in the same way the eastern Roman Empire crashed during the 600 AD solar minimum period into famine and plague.

  10. Global warming, global cooling, doesn’t matter. Human caused CO2 is the cause of climate change, ask any retarded leftist.

  11. It seems to be a hoax
    Where is this report of 59 pages??
    I checked the site of Capital Development Authority, it seems there is no Dr. Muhammad Hanif working for this public benefit corporation and no training course n°27, it ends at number 26 in december 2015, and no training course about global warming is scheduled for 2016
    there was the 10th Training Course on Global Warming and Environmental Hazards at CDA training academy in november 2014 but no warning at all for a global cooling
    Again it seems to be a hoax, everybody can copy the logos from CDA or Pakistan meteorological department , but you will notice that there is not written “government of Pakistan” under the latter as it is the case on the home page of it.

  12. Cressers: “Is there an english language version of the report available online?”

    Mauri: Is there an english language version of the report available online? 🙂 I’d like to translate it into Italian and to build up a video for it (in which David will be mentioned as the report author) – thanxs!

  13. I can not find the aleged report. All the Pakastani meteological bureau has is dated reports calling for global warming on it’s website.

    Show me the proof…link please!!!

  14. It definitively took some time, but finally I found the report by dr. Hanif of the PMD that mr David DB is talking about in his latest video, it has been posted on FB, here the link:;XwkkYHoixrPtVdjk9E~_ATbpMTMjPVdIyyAF~_5Np6zePVY8gNf9a7QGe9wz~;o77b1fXqs~;~_N8ntCNjDxnniOvmReK~;mP4F~;3DwcyP3Hopcq~_~;MT8G9bxPynIyP5EnzEv43~;0ywE7GPsl9EnnKvHp~;fjqjZN364HzlqD~_9tv7uVw1mfs3WP~;a3QGd~_K3TO1wY~_Hfdz~_jfy7p6NvLvnwL~;YP~;jecjr2Mc4z2Ee4z8T2J~_8xyMtv3gjeL~_81otAf2cBCxnx8byOFfj3~_5Gt~;v~_c8~_PP9zVPoToZ~;0P8FdOY~;fF~;ebx7m5~;3m4b3yfY5ifv~;n9SvmKe4v7FfMy~;c32mDOq7N~_xn6DXx4b2I4~;~;jH0t9x~_rWPUc1~_Dv9LP93~_Iu58jL04P6Mf4Hi~_OoXP~;wPu5~_wX8nP2B~_f1033phfuz9o04vsP4Ch2EHyA~-~-.bps.a.559468290873034.1073741833.552512361568627/559469337539596/?type=3&theater

    It’s a lenghty report for sure, not 59 but actually 80 pages (mainly graphs) and the “hot” part starts at page 66 when the report moves around the sun, solar cyles, sunspots and mini ice ages of the past (with some beautiful paintings as well), with this final warning:

    “coming inactive sunspots are going to shut down global warming and thus triggering a mini ice age”!

    • Thanks for the link, Mauri. The only bit I disagree with is the quote about sunspots shutting down global warming. There hasn’t been any global warming for the last 15+ years.

  15. There will probably be a world war soon, some nuke will get used and then the global cooling will be blamed on man. Then, the powers that be will try to control and profit from that as well. Control and depopulation is their goal, so not warning and preparing population for the cooling, millions will suffer and die which is all within the game plan of the global elite. Remember what many prepper sites stress, Location location and stored food, and for me personally, a close relationship with Jesus Christ, for the end of the age is near. God bless you in your prepping.

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