Pakistan – Heavy snowfall breaks 35-year record

Hundreds of thousands trapped in their homes.

Heavy snowfall on Saturday broke a 35-year record in Galyat with more than 12 feet (3.7 m) of snowfall in 20 days.

The heavy snowfall has trapped hundreds of thousands in their houses as main roads and dozens of link roads are blocked by snow and landslides.

A severe shortage of food, petrol, oil, firewood, medicines and other necessities of life and days long electricity breakdown has pushed residents of Galyat into even deeper trouble.

Three more spells of snowfall are expected in Galyat before the end of February.×480.jpg

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  1. BBC weather (not exactly free from left wing bias on other issues) shows global maps of weather systems. Greece, including Crete has had several snowfalls this winter, and this week forecasts snow in the northernmost tip of Libya. Snow has occurred and is forecast again for Lebanon, southern Syria, eastern Jordan and Israel. Looks also as if Kurdish mountains in Iraq and Zagros mountains in Iran have had several very snowy storms. All these weather systems pass east towards Pakistan and India. I imagine therefore that there are many reports of the type Argiris kindly finds for us.

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