Pakistan Record Snowfall

Animals migrating to lower elevations

MANSEHRA: The Wildlife Department has seized a leopard cub that had left its natural habitat because of the heavy snowfall in Ghanool forests in the Kaghan valley.

“We have seized a cub that came down to Khalian village from nearby mountainous forest because of the heavy snow there,” Khursheed Abbasi, a Wildlife Department official, told reporters Tuesday.

“The high mountains, which are the natural habitat for the leopard, have received record snowfall in a decade which might cause displacement of such other wild creatures, particularly in Kaghan, Siran and Konsh valleys,” said Khursheed Abbasi.

The official said because of the heavy snowfall this winter the rare species of pheasants including Khalij, Koklass and Monal had also temporarily migrated from high mountains to plains in Hazara division to avoid harsh weather.

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  1. now they need to stop the locals killing them..and that wont be so easy. pheasants especially would be seen as a nice meal.

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