Pampa, TX – Heavy Snow, Whiteout Conditions, Stranded Motorists

10-24-2019 – Video – Pampa, TX, elevation 3,238 ft, is located about 335 miles northwest of where I live.


Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this video

4 thoughts on “Pampa, TX – Heavy Snow, Whiteout Conditions, Stranded Motorists”

  1. looks bloody miserable;-(
    poor fella in the bobcat with no weather protection deserves a hot drink and a medal;-)
    Robert…fat al visiting texas???
    or greta in the area?
    and i was just swearing cos its forecast 1c tomorrow night and i have been out of wood for 2 weeks
    doesnt seem so bad now

  2. I guess people forget that they don’t know how to drive in snow.

    Our turn in Missouri is coming, but it looks like nature is going to ease us into it. Snow showers predicted Wed. night, Thurs., and Thurs. night but no accumulation. Thurs. night is predicted to be the first hard freeze of the season (what season is it, I forget?).

    Oppenheimer Ranch says we’re going to get nailed next week, so I guess the jet stream is drifting our way at last. At least we have been spared what they’ve gotten out West-so far. I expect the gloves will be coming off soon and we’ll get pounded as well.

    Time to get busy on that indoor garden. Hoping to have fresh greens and herbs all winter, but there’s always a learning curve. Probably won’t have steady production til next winter.

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