“Pandemic! Coronavirus Is Out of Control In China” – Steve Bannon


Thanks to Stephen Bird and Bill Sellers for this video

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    • Very probably not Steve Bannock, but bannock is a good type of bread to feed to the pigeons while camping or while hanging out in Trafalgar Square. MSM BA-lloon vendors doing their job.

  1. Coronavirus is a major worry. It is spreading across the world.
    It is spreading rapidly in Italy, Iran, S Korea and Japan.

    There needs to be a vaccine as soon as possible because this is becoming a PANDEMIC.
    One SIMPLE thing that EVERYONE can do is to wash their hands regularly with hot soap and water, and dry them thoroughly afterwards.
    I often see people visiting the bathroom and then NOT WASHING THEIR HANDS !! DISGUSTING !


    Shaking hands and kissing strangers will become a “no-no” shortly if this spreads as fast as I suspect.
    International trade and travel are becoming MAJOR worries !
    This is getting SERIOUS !!

    • In other words, the basic premise of “The Stand” brought to horrifying reality. Not as bad as Captain Trips and not of artificial origin (so far as we know), and not the same sort of virulence, but with a similar potential to go global. Long ago I watched “The Stand” with a friend and told him that something like this might happen but that it very likely would come out of China or Africa. In this age of jet travel a pandemic is only a plane trip away. The idiots who went to China for their New Year are a case in point.

    • You’re right but why not wash hands BEFORE using the bathrooms. Believe me, our hand are WAY dirtier than our private parts.

  2. This is just a start of epidemics that occur every time there are mini ice ages. It is part of a cycle.

  3. gurgle n faceache wont risk being removed by removing the gvot madanted filters
    burn in hell?
    we wish
    theyre as bad AS the chinese govt in their own controls and algorithms diverting searches to their favoured sites

  4. All is fair in love and (trade) war, can you say bio weapon ? This is thee largest trade war in history, they’re taking out the entire global economic system with a weapon so small you can’t see it.
    China runs the UN, this is the step that unites the Globe under one currency unless sheeple wake the frack up which I don’t see any sign of yet. We need to prioritize and retool NOW to retain our independence, our freedom.
    A MILLION jobs left Cali and Texas and went to China and they just cancelled those. We need to retool now to have those jobs and products again. NOW, don’t you get it ? NOW.
    A million jobs left and they opened the borders and let in millions of unskilled and put them on the dole. National suicide, treason.

  5. I don’t know what’s happening in China, but for what we have seen in Europe, especially in italy, this virus is just a normal flu.
    For more than 80% of the people infected, the symptoms are unimpressive: temperature just above 37 C, a bit of sore throat, and a light cough. they get well without any medical treatment.
    For about 15% it gets a bit more serious, and they might need some medicine.
    the few people who died were elderly people with serious preexisting complications.
    for me, this has gone out of proportion. people is scared to catch a cold.

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