Papaya – yes, the fruit – tests “positive” for the virus

Tanzania seems to be having a problem with its animals, its fruit, its coronavirus testing or its leadership amid a bizarre scandal playing out in the African nation.

In May, President John Magufuli suspended the head of testing at Tanzania’s national health laboratory after revealing that he (Magufuli) had flooded the lab with a variety of samples from things the virus shouldn’t be able to infect, including a goat and a papaya (yes, the fruit).

Tanzanian president blames lab after goat, papaya ‘test positive’ for coronavirus

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10 thoughts on “Papaya – yes, the fruit – tests “positive” for the virus”

  1. The WHO admitted to the BBC that its June 2020 mask policy update was due not to new evidence but “political lobbying”: “We had been told by various sources WHO committee reviewing the evidence had not backed masks but they recommended them due to political lobbying. This point was put to WHO who did not deny.” (Deborah Cohen, BBC Medical Corresponent).

  2. I come here for cooling climate news. Please Take your COVID shit somewhere else. News is already saturated with COVID crap and it’s mostly all nonsense.

    • I agree that the Covid-19 ‘crisis’ is mostly nonsense. However, the reason I now include it here is because I think it is being pushed by the same would-be tyrants pushing the global-warming agenda. Unfortunately, this time around they are winning.

      • You are correct! All of this from global warming, green energy, COVID, BLM, and the Russia collusion, are all part of a mass deception intended to corral the ‘cattle’! Unfortunately, this deception has been going on for well over a 100 years, and by some accounts, for thousands of years!

    • Dear “I Don’t [K]Now F*ck?”,
      You mean you “came” here for cooling climate news.
      This full logos blog site forum has never been about “gatekeeping” for the globalists especially now as it becomes ever more obvious about what is “going down” geopolitically/geo-astrophysically full spectrum planet-wide as we enter this GSM. It’s good to see some of the zombie posts too as a reference point to where we are currently on the Idiocracy Gauge… like my good veteran friend notes every so often,”We’ll know it’s really “on” after we’ve had to permanently relax our first zombie”.
      Recommend getting your safe space trigger free climate cooling news from politically correct multi-topic MSM sites like National Geographic that have lots of globalist [multi-letter people approved] propaganda and pretty pictures.
      Hope this helps you to relax before you’re doing it permanently;)
      … the BIGGEST HOAX IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD… makes full sense… given the current situation

  3. yes it shows how dubious the testing can be
    either the actual test materials themselves and/or the labs handling and interpretation
    as seen in usa as well with false+ and many false _ as well
    would be a nightmare to create a kit to detect without doubt n high accuracy. present ones are at best 80% or less accurate depending on when the samples taken as well 24hrs makes a difference if the virus is present but low and building up

  4. I enjoy the articles about the “Covid shit” that I find here. They help highlight the same meglamaniacs that always seek to brain wash the masses into the schemes to make billions more at the loss of hundreds of millions of ordinary people who they count as collateral damage. We must keep an open and inquiring mind when these “psyco powerful” push their totally unscientific projects that will net them trillions and cause unbelievable damage to the masses. Covid is one such scenario and it will likely not be the last dastardly “vaccines for all” ordeal humanity will have to endure. Just like we have had to endure their global warning/climate change project that has also had dastardly human effects.

  5. It also throws doubt on the tests if the same person tests positive one day and negative shortly afterwards. And if perfectly healthy people test positive (‘asymptomatic’). If a goat can be COVID19-positive, then what about sheep? To be consistent and safe, these creatures should be wearing masks, keep at safe social distances, and have their feet washed frequently.


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