Paris AGW crowd a “criminal gang,” says Alex Jones – Video

Says the planet is actually going into a cold stage because the sun is partially dormant.

Well … except the United Nations had a vote five years ago saying that the sun does not affect climate one bit.

“That’s like saying oxygen doesn;t affect humans one bit,” says Jones.

“These people feed us pure lies like we’re idiots!”

“You have been fed mindless tripe!



4 thoughts on “Paris AGW crowd a “criminal gang,” says Alex Jones – Video

  1. I think Alex Jones is telling the truth in this case. He is somewhat deceived on other issues though.

  2. Steven, it’s very hard to expose Nazism when Nazi’s are in power. And then you get accused of being a theorist and the public’s eyes glaze over. I’ve listen to Alex since the time I first heard Robert talk about Ice Ages in the late 90s. Alex may get a little different at times, trying to get a point across, you may have to dig deeper or wait and see, but almost everything he reports comes true. It’s about time the people who are doing their jobs start getting recognition and paid for doing their jobs in the correct manner and not trying to lie like msm. Thanks for posting a real news site again. If you don’t like some ones style there is plenty more out there now.

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