Paris burning – Rioting against fuel taxes meant to “save the environment”

Apparently, the French don’t like being screwed.
I hope U.S. politicians can take a hint. 

3 Dec 2018 – The protests began about two weeks ago, when French drivers wearing yellow vests led a demonstration of more than 280,000 people across the country to push back against rising taxes on gas and diesel fuel.

The tax will increase the price of diesel – the most commonly used car fuel in France – by about 30 cents per gallon at the pump. The tax, bad enough as it is, is scheduled to continue rising over the next few years.

The tax hike is a direct result of President Emmanuel Macron’s commitment to curbing ‘climate change.’

Gas already costs about $7.06 per gallon in France, which has more diesel cars than any other country in Europe.

The protest movement — known as gilets jaunes — has blockaded streets and highways, burned cars, set buildings on fire, and brawled with police in response to the tax hike.

The name gilets jaunes (yellow vests) comes from the high-visibility yellow jackets that motorists are required to carry in their vehicles in France.

Yellow jackets also blocked access to at least 11 fuel depots, resulting in many gas stations running out of fuel.

So far the riots have resulted in at least three deaths and almost 300 injured.

The riots have spread to other cities including Marseilles, the second-largest city in France. However, it is in the smaller French towns and cities, where people are dependent on their cars, that the anger is most deeply felt.

Since his election in May 2017, Macron has sought to position himself as one of the world’s leading advocates for action to combat climate. He hosted a second major climate summit in Paris in December 2017.

Paris and its surrounding suburbs have already moved to ban older model diesel cars from their roads, and Macron’s government committed France to banning the sales of all gasoline-powered cars by 2040.

Unfortunately for Macron, a recent poll showed that more than 80 percent of French oppose his carbon tax, which, again, was imposed supposedly to fight climate change.

I hope U.S. politicians can take a hint.

Lots of photos and videos

New Poll: 80% Of French Oppose Macron’s Carbon Tax

See scary photos:

As much as I hate to, I need to give The Washington Post credit here. The following two articles actually tell the truth of the matter, namely that the the French are rioting against the climate-change taxes.



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  1. Ah, at last, an excuse for world wide martial law and or government, where no one’s right to free speech or welfare counts

  2. US politicians are looking at this and realize if you heat the water up too quickly the frog will jump. Nice and slow, that’s how they’ll do us!

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  4. Bring back horses and buggies. Have them defecate everywhere. great for the environment…..LOL This make so much sense.

    • Wrong!!!!!!!!!! Horses will fart; big no,no.
      Vegans should be converted to meat eaters. They eat too much beans and fart also. If vegans will eat red meat to cow population will shrink, so the planet will cool.

  5. This is being defined more as ‘insurgency’ as opposed to rioting. Macron has united left and right against his centre (probably centre-left in reality) which is looking puny given the 80% who support gilet jaunes and the mere 20% who think Macron is doing a good job. This maybe a sign of things to come in failed democracies where the people have no genuine power. As von Klausewitz said in his definition of war that it is ‘the pursuit of politics by other means’.

  6. I wonder how the Muslims in France feel about this. Europe will be under Sharia Law in under 2 generations. Thanx, Hillary and her New World Order friends. Ayn Rand states in “We, The Living” that conservatism will never stop the Long March of Socialism. “It is not who votes, rather, who counts the vote that matters.”, Stalin. Have a nice day fellow deplorable Infidels . Thank you Robert, for you AWESOME site!

    • The muslims could not care less.


      They don’t give a Camel’s ass about Global Warming, pollution, human rights, etc. Nothing……and it is also true in 30 years none of this will matter, since the French people will be totally controlled by Iran-Iraq-Saudi Arabia.

      It is ironic. 100 years ago the French ruled Syria, Algeria and Lebanon…..and soon, the French will be ruled BY them.

      The French do not have a culture, nor religion, that will defend the White French. They have this lie of “equality, brotherhood…(and something else I don’t remember)”….it is a death wish philosophy

      My children will live to see this, and it is going to be one convulsion. Just maybe, maybe, the Germans can save themselves in time and then do the French a HUGE favor by invading them, again, and this time to free them..

      I hope the French will rather speak German than Farsi.

  7. Will US politicians take the hint?

    “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” – Frederick Douglass, 1857.

  8. Considering France has a lot of nuclear reactors and 1 gallon of diesel is 7 dollars, I would probably go electric. In Texas with long commutes and 2.60 for diesel and sub 2 dollar gas, it makes no sense.

  9. WHAT?

    They don’t want to PAY to fight Global Warming?

    Hey, you idiots who support “Globalist” Warming..what did you expect? You mock and insult our Greatest President ever, TRUMP, and say we Americans are losers….well, we pulled out of your French Climate Agreement, you stayed, and now you are upset that it will actually COST you something.

    Stupid people.

    Shut up and pay up…OR….join us here and drop this Man Made C02 nonsense and start firing up your coal plants…you are going to need the heat.

    Hey, maybe you can design a Peugeot that can run on Bouillabaisses?

  10. Migration was the objective of the Bruxelles, and still is, to maintain wellness as before but forgot to remember that all is based on debt by the states. It is also the main idea in the Global Migration Pact of the UN. Was Macron not a puppet chosen by the elites of Bruxelles to get rid of socialisme in France? Anyhow, it remains a good temperature ovehere.

  11. Global warming was a hoax created as a pretext for ever increasing taxes to support the hundreds of thousands of nonworking migrants who are exponentially increasing their offspring in the EU.

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