Paris Climate Party agrees . . . to have another Party.

Premature Celebrations by Sceptics. This is the first time those promoting world governments have managed to get what they can now parade as a “world agreement” on a radical agenda.

Non-binding treaty

Paris Climate Party agrees . . . to have another Party

Premature Celebrations by Sceptics

By Viv Forbes

Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition

Many climate sceptics are celebrating that “nothing in the Paris deal is legally binding.” They should look deeper. They have suffered a huge political defeat.

Skeptics are winning the climate science debate, but the main battle is no longer about facts and science – it is about propaganda and politics. There were few scientists at COP21 talking about atmospheric physics – just politicians, bureaucrats and green activists discussing emission targets, carbon taxes, climate reparations and who will pay.

The Paris party organisers managed to assemble representatives of 196 nations with the aim of getting 100% agreement on something/anything that would assist their clandestine campaign for world government and world taxes. This process will cripple the industrial power and political freedom of the Western democracies.

They achieved agreement because of leadership by UN loving Western centralists like Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, Trudeau and Turnbull, helped by misguided theologians, and supported by vested interests in mendicant nations and some powerful competitors of the West.

They spent two weeks reworking the draft document until there was nothing in it that offended any nation. Most of them wanted their benefits clauses made compulsory, but the would-be-providers of such largesse dared not sign obviously binding liabilities because the media and their home electorates were watching.

The UN game plan is for this massive global climate circus to meet regularly in pleasant locations, setting illusory targets, generating publicity and seeking even more green levers to pull. So there is only one legally binding clause – an agreement to table targets, and to meet again.

This is some small reason to celebrate.

A Powerful Propaganda Victory for Climate Alarmists

The big picture, however, is very gloomy at least in the medium term – climate alarmism has been encouraged and will flourish, for a time.

This is the first time those promoting world governments have managed to get what they can now parade as a “world agreement” on a radical agenda. They can now be more confident of using the excuse of global warming to “control carbon dioxide”, and to tax rich nations in order to somehow prevent “catastrophic man-made global warming”. To sound scientific and credible they have even invented a mythical temperature target (“below 1.5 deg C”).

The ability to quote “100% support” gives the war on carbon enormous moral, political and propaganda clout. As would-be-world-Emperor, Ban Ki-moon, exulted ominously: “What was once unthinkable is now unstoppable.”

Therefore things will get worse before they get better. Here is their agenda:

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.”

Christiana Figueres, Executive secretary of U.N.’s Convention on Climate Change, and a key organiser of the Paris Agreement.
See also:

The Paris COP-21 agreement is already being hailed as “an historic landmark.” The whole global network of alarmists with their media friends and the help of green/left politicians will use that 100% figure to intimidate opponents, especially in election campaigns.

Even though nothing in the agreement is mandated, the framework and “commitment” is there, and the danger is that globalists among local politicians will scheme for it to become legally binding domestically.

This process will slowly suffocate us via regulation, legislation and coercion by federal, state and local bureaucracies, politicians and even courts. International trade sanctions and offers of green bribery will be used to bully and bribe recalcitrant nations. And as the public and the free media get bored with “climate change alarm”, those planning more carbon taxes and energy rationing will make bigger gains, without publicity, often hidden within claims of environmental protection. With their well-planned war on carbon, they have planted the poisonous seeds of world government and the destruction of Western liberty. Now they will diligently feed and water these seeds.

See: The Coming Green Tyranny:

So we can now expect more hyped-up propaganda from the UN green/globalists, from the Mendicants and from the Climate Industry. This will coerce politicians and bureaucrats in the developed nations to create more restrictive green tape and to continue throwing $billions at a problem that doesn’t exist.

Meanwhile the Eurasians will expand their use of carbon fuels while exploiting every loophole and green business opportunity they can find. The flight of industry and jobs from the West to the East will accelerate.
COP-21 is modelled on the key principle of International Marxism: “From each according to his ability; to each according to his needs.” They have even resurrected a trademark of last century’s failed Command Societies – “The Five Year Plans”.
This new experiment with Marxism will fail, just like the previous ones. We just hope that the cost in human lives and living standards will not be as large.
Climate Change” is a UN Hoax promoting a new world order:

Global Tyranny just getting warmed up:

But Thinking Greens are Concerned

One bright spot in this Paris agreement is that it will provoke dissension in the green ranks.

Some deep greens now realise that even if all pledges are honoured, human CO2 emissions will continue to increase for years to come. There is also no chance of meeting the agreed emission goals while keeping the lights on without a massive expansion of nuclear power, which they hate as much as coal; or an expensive campaign to build rapid-response gas power plants (which also release CO2) to cover the flat spots in intermittent green energy production.

Real defenders of the environment are also coming to see that thousands of wind turbines, solar farms, roads, transmission lines and ethanol plantations cause more real environmental and economic damage than reliable concentrated energy provided by coal, oil, gas, nuclear and hydro.

And in due course, genuine greens will also realise they have also been conned by the green energy rent-seekers and financiers who just want their world of green subsidies, tax breaks and mandated markets to continue propping up their dud green-energy speculations.

But the Green Armada is heading for the Rocks of Reality.

There is good news of sorts – the green armada is heading for the rocks of reality, which will prevail over the make-believe world of UN politics and the posh hotels of Paris.

The years of green tomfoolery and waste will be brought to an end by industry closures, job losses, soaring electricity prices and out-of-control deficits. Suddenly there will be no funds for Climate tourism, Climate “research” or Climate aid. When this reality asserts itself, this fatuous Paris agreement will be brushed aside as a stupid distraction.

Using Australia as an example, the Australian economy has always been supported on a three-legged stool: mining/mineral processing, harvesting (farming, forestry and fishing) and foreign inflows (settlers, investors, tourists and export earnings). The rest of Australia is engaged in applying labour, management, marketing, infrastructure, transport, energy, processing, red tape, green tape and taxation to these three backbone industries.

The mining/processing leg has been weakened as commodity prices plunge and soaring electricity prices send refineries overseas. This has been exacerbated by green guerrilla warfare on mining and development – the divestment campaign, legal obstructionism to every development proposal, harassment of investors and financiers, obstruction of exploration activities, delay of every development proposal with claims about heritage or dreamtime, promotion of punitive taxes, lies about “subsidies”, an anti-industry anti-hard-science bias in state education, and relentless propaganda to associate mining with ideas like “polluting”, “dirty”, “climate altering”, “reef destroying”, “threat to endangered species” etc.

Here are examples of the anti-mining, anti-coal, anti-development behaviours:

Get Up employs legal warfare to stop the Adani Coal Mine:–3/adani-is-back/we-re-taking-adani-to-court-again?t=YgQAosyw7&utm_content=11301&utm_campaign=BREAKING%3A%20Adani%20port%20approval%20shock&utm_source=blast&utm_medium=email

The Greens plan to end coal mining:

For decades now, green extremists have been sawing away at the mining branch of our economic tree, not realising it was the branch they perched upon. Too late they will discover that much funding for government environmental spending and green energy subsidies comes from direct taxes and royalties on miners and indirectly via government taxes and levies on their massive payments for wages, travel, power, rail, port and contractors.

Mining will recover from this double barrelled assault, but not fast enough to take us back smoothly to the golden years.

The second leg (harvesting the biosphere via farming, forestry and fishing) is also suffering from bans and barriers on everything – live export bans, development bans, vegetation bans, land use bans, heritage bans, fishing quotas and bans, logging bans, confusion and disputes over animal rights and land rights for farmers, miners, gas producers, explorers and those claiming indigenous rights.

Greens are also responsible for encouraging the invasion of natural grasslands by woody weeds, and for the feral pests, weeds and bush-fires that spread in and around their ever-expanding parks, reserves and heritage areas.

And Green water policies in the huge Murray Darling Basin give preference to irrigating the Great Southern Ocean in preference to irrigating human towns, crops and orchards. These policies are promoted by those who support one of the goals of Agenda 21 – to depopulate most rural areas.

Farmers are also discouraged from continuing or expanding their operations by the nibbling at their income by compulsory “research” or “marketing” levies on everything they sell. All of this makes our farmers less able to cope with the normal stresses of naturally occurring droughts, floods, fires and cyclones. Should the climate “pause” turn into a natural cooling phase (which will also be drier) farm output will plunge and the second leg will be weakened further. (Although for those farmers who hang on, shortages will then cause food prices to soar).

The third leg, foreign inflows, is also threatened. As the great primary industries weaken and soaring energy prices cripple processing and manufacturing, the world-wide welfare/subsidy/deficit/debt bubble will burst, and foreign investors and tourists will stay at home.

Our Neck is in the Noose . . . What must we do?

After the Paris Party, our neck is in the noose. They are planning a global green tyranny.

To escape we will have to fight the UN, the vested interests, the powerful politicians’ club, the public service, the climate industry, the government media, guilt-ridden billionaires, misguided clerics and princes, and the wanna-be-green gang in Hollywood.

But we will win because reality exists even if few recognise it. When economic pains become politically bothersome, new voices will be heard, and truth will be spoken.
What must be done?
In the words of David Cameron (UK PM) we must “Cut the Green Crap” and return to a sane world with sounder industries, economical and reliable electricity generators, prudent politicians and unshackled industries.
The battle must go on. We must protect real environmental values but we must “Cut the Carbon War Crap”. Every day we delay will make the cleansing correction more painful.

Viv Forbes,
Rosewood   Qld Australia

11 Jan 2016

Disclosure: Viv Forbes has tertiary qualifications in the sciences and extensive experience in the carbon industries – coal, oil, gas, cattle, sheep, financial modelling, climate history, weather cycles and government service. He was founder of the Carbon Sense Coalition and with his wife Judy, breeds cattle and sheep on natural pastures at Rosevale in Queensland. He is a non-executive director and small shareholder in a coal exploration company (which was not in existence when the Carbon Sense Coalition was founded).

9 thoughts on “Paris Climate Party agrees . . . to have another Party.”

  1. QAs would-be-world-Emperor, Ban Ki-moon, exulted ominously: “What was once unthinkable is now unstoppable.”


    The only thing unstoppable is the power, or lack of it, of the Sun’s energy to scupper Man’s feeble attempts to proclaim themselves as Masters of the Universe. He isn’t, his impact is less than the whole of the world’s termite population put together.

    The remainder of this solar cycle and the next very, very low power output solar cycle to come will show the UN to have cried WOLF for completely the wrong reasons. This corrupt organization of Dictatorships, Misogynist Theocracies and Criminally Corrupt One Party states, is an expensive talking shop we can do well without. It is no better, and frankly much worse than the League of Nations that preceded it.

  2. I wouldn’t trust anything David Cameron says whatsoever! The man’s a PR agent and a serial liar/sociopath.
    Please don’t quote him as he is totally on board with the NWO and the green nutter brigade.

  3. I have long been of the opinion that the UN is a totally corrupt body and should be closed down. The leadership consists of those who would never win an election, unless it was Stalinesque in style. Still they would claim their superiority despite having no ability, conscience or knowledge of the real world. They could not run the proverbial whelk stall.

  4. What really puzzles me is the failure of the “Deniers” to effectively communicate the evidence, EVIDENCE, that the climate has been changing all the time for at least hundreds of millions of years, it’s been 15 degrees warmer than now, 30 degrees colder, the temps now are well within the natural range of variation, and the “1.5” cap is also well within the natural range of variation . . . so of course if we don’t go over the “1.5” cap the Greens can claim victory, even though we probably wouldn’t go over the 1.5 cap in the next few centuries no matter what we did or didn’t do.

    Anyway, politics is a form of mental illness. A delusional thought disorder. The fallacy of believing that theory is really reality, reification.

  5. As far as the introduction of windfarms and increasingly more efficient solar panels are concerned, I read an article in last year’s Nexus Magazine about an American billionair having developed a breakthrough battery that is able to store at least 10 kilowatts of power for a longer period and is of medium size, that can be fitted to any wall in private homes for roughly 3500 dollars and probably become much cheaper to buy in the future. (tried to find the article in N.M., but as usual couldn’t find it when you need it, haha)
    The point being that windturbines and solar panels have suddenly become entirely functional even with less windy days or dark skies and so the need for fossil fuels becomes much less and most citizens could become independent of electric plants and no longer be traumatized by huge electricity bills, after the initial purchase of solar panels and miracle battery.
    If I owned my own house, I would certainly contemplate buying such an ideal power combination !
    But just think of the deployment of a such a miracle battery in your car, as e.g. in a Tesla automobile, with solar panels in the roof and bonnet, no exhaustfumes and very little cost to run. Honestly, I believe this billionaire should get a Nobel prize for such a breakthrough invention, it’s a stupendous advancement for a cleaner and less costly society, even if it produces less CO2 for greener areas ! Too bad !

  6. They want another drunken and drugged gourmet orgy with the USA picking up the tab, of course. They’ll probably try to squeeze it in before the end of the year with O’bama obliging .

    Word is that last September they had to import additional whores to service all the delegates.

  7. The cleansing of society I hope does take place with this minimum…actually I’m hoping for temporary anarchy…a dumping of a dollar system and a movement back to bartering for goods and services but that is idealistic… There is only one way the elite can continue to be well elite and that’s by keeping the current balance we have right now. One swing of the pendulum either way and the number of rich drops…Complete free market everyone prospers…. a limited market no one can buy the products to financially support the Elite…. The only thing that works for them is status quo and these idiots are to blind to see it…When some currently rich people lose their money then there will be a movement towards change….To put it short we have become too prosperous societal change has only been inspired by hardships like the potato famine encouraging the French Revolution for instance…World governments are playing with fire….Eventually the people do wake up

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