Paris – Coldest Consecutive Late March Days Since 1888

On March 19, the mercury in Paris reached only 1.8C.  On March 20, the “City of Light” observed it’s coldest maximum for late March since 1975 with a high of only 1.7C.

These are the first back to back days to fail to reach 2C for the 2nd half of March since 1888, according to Etienne Kapikian (@EKMeteo)

Thanks to Glenn Cuthbert for these links

2 thoughts on “Paris – Coldest Consecutive Late March Days Since 1888”

  1. Lets see. 2012 Superstorm Sandy tore through the barrier island in Bay Head NJ opening the Barnegat Bay to the Ocean. In 1888 a hurricane closed off the barrier island at Bay Head and access to the Ocean from Barnegat Bay at that location. Now we have record Snow Storms not seen since 1888. Does it feel like we are on a regression path back toward the Maunder Minimum? Can I purchase rights to the River Thames Frost Fair while everybody is still decrying AGW?

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