Parts of Minnesota bracing for 2 feet of snow

“Next 10 days.. look at snow on wed/thurs,” says reader.

Thanks to Don Wilkening for this link

“I realize this will change but.. my goodness..” says Don

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  1. The guy I worked for in Minnesota (Bemidji) had an SOP about snow. He would plow all the snow at the shop’s parking lot up until Mother’s day. After Mother’s day (that’s in May..) he let it melt.
    It’s only early April.

    FIW I left Minnesota in August of 2003

  2. time to sing the -we need some global warming- ditty again in minnesota? that flamingo will be blue not pink;-)

  3. So let’s get this straight.. if two degrees of warming is going to melt all the glaciers in the world doesn’t that mean it would also mean it will turn most of the snow to rain?!?

  4. South Korea: [Weather] Kangwon Mountain Highest snowfall 30cm … Take care of the victims 09/04/2019
    Gangwon Mountain has a strong snowfall.
    Tomorrow (10th) It will be snowing in this area until daytime, and the time of heavy snowfall will be until tomorrow morning.
    There are places where snow can reach up to 30cm, and the temperature is getting colder in this area.
    Those who live in shelters due to fire damage, you should take special care for your health.
    The rain cloud will gradually fall from the western part of the country tomorrow morning, and the southern coast will rain a lot of rain accompanied by thunderstorms.
    It is raining quite a lot in Jeju and some Jeonnam areas where the rain storm was given.
    Tomorrow morning, the rain from the west will seem to stop gradually, and the temperature will be less than 10 degrees and will be chilly all day.
    There will be snow and rain in the East Coast area until tomorrow night.–%5Bweather%5D-kangwon-mountain-highest-snowfall-30cm——take-care-of-the-victims-.ryma2yGqF4.html

  5. Despite what they say, this is not common in Mid April, amd it happened last year two. They got significant snow in April more than once.

  6. Today in history….In 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora occurred The blast was heard for thousands of miles, located in the Dutch East Indies’ Mount Tambora erupted with a cataclysmic force, devastating everything around it with pyroclastic flows and ash falls. The eruption significantly change the world climate, spawning the “year without a summer” and causing global famine.
    Please recall the volcanic and tectonic activity worldwide ramped up 5 years ago. And put to mind that when Tambora happened the solar out put was “normal”.
    Yes, we are in a period of climate change but it is not the direction that will be a benefit to human kind.

  7. Our favorite Tee Vee channel on AGW is showing one of their blue winbreaker people in the field in the middle of a white out on Lake Superior as I type. I’ll make a call here, look for another one of these in Mid-Late May.

  8. Snowing in Texas. Snow predicted for Cicago. Not normal for April, no matter how normal they say it is.

  9. Look at who they put in Congress , hope you freeze your butts
    off, you Minnesnowta liberals , have a ‘heapin ‘helpin of global warming , on the house !

    read Genesis 12:2-3

  10. Snow for Illinois and Missouri April 14, 2019 –
    Basically 1 to 3 inches expected in these areas today.
    Although not a catastrophic blizzard, some snow is likely.

    * WHAT…Wet snow. Additional snow accumulations of one to three inches with locally higher amounts possible. Snow will be mixed at times with sleet. Winds gusting as high as 35 mph.
    * WHERE…Portions of central and west central Illinois.
    * WHEN…Until 1 PM CDT this afternoon.
    * ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Plan on slippery road conditions. The wet
    snow mixed at times with sleet will make driving conditions
    extremely dangerous at times. Slow down.

  11. April 10-12th, 2019 Blizzard and Ice Storm
    A significant late winter/early spring winter storm impacted during the second week of April. The strong low pressure system brought snow amounts measured in feet to areas of central into northeast South Dakota. Significant freezing rain and icing was observed in portions of southeast South Dakota, southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa. Additionally, thunderstorms produced small hail and plentiful lightning to some areas. Strong winds during the event resulted in blizzard conditions in areas that received the heavy snow and numerous power outages in areas that received icing.

    Snow Amounts

    Location Amount Time/Date Lat/Lon
    Wallace 30.0 IN 0400PM 04/12
    De Smet 24.0 IN 0700 AM 04/12 44.38N/97.54W
    2 SSE Huron 23.0 in 1100 PM 04/11 44.34N/98.20W
    3 NNE Huron 22.0 in 0930 PM 04/11 44.40N/98.20W
    1 NE Huron 20.5 in 0510 PM 04/11 44.37N/98.20W
    Wessington Springs 20.0 in 0700 AM 04/12 44.08N/98.57W
    Cavour 18.0 in 0530 PM 04/11 44.37N/98.04W
    Woonsocket 18.0 in 0700 AM 04/12 44.05N/98.27W
    4 NE Badger 17.0 in 0530 PM 04/11 44.52N/97.14W
    Mount Vernon 17.0 in 0800 PM 04/11 43.71N/98.26W
    Marshall 15.0 in 0700 AM 04/12 44.45N/95.79W
    Mitchell 15.0 in 0700 PA 04/12 43.73N/98.04W
    6 SSW Mitchell 15.0 in 0600 PM 04/11 43.65N/98.07W
    Bruce 5 W 14.5 in 0800 AM 04/12 44.43N/97.00W
    2 S Armour 14.0 in 0815 PM 04/11 43.30N/98.34W
    1 W Dimock 14.0 in 0700 PM 04/11 43.47N/98.01W
    2 ESE Mitchell 14.0 in 0650 PM 04/11 43.72N/97.99W
    Ivanhoe 14.0 in 0530 PM 04/11 44.46N/96.25W
    Plankinton 13.8 in 0600 PM 04/11 43.72N/98.49W
    Howard 13.0 in 0700 AM 04/12 44.01N/97.52W
    2 N Lake Andes 13.0 in 0545 PM 04/11 43.18N/98.53W
    Burke 4 SW 12.2 in 0700 AM 04/12 43.14N/99.35W
    White Lake 12.0 in 0700 AM 04/12 43.73N/98.72W
    Alexandria 12.0 in 1200 AM 04/12 43.65N/97.78W
    2 N Lake Andes 12.0 in 0645 PM 04/11 43.19N/98.54W
    10 W Dimock 12.0 in 0700 AM 04/11 43.48N/98.19W
    Bonesteel 12.0 in 0700 AM 04/11 43.08N/98.95W
    Ghent 11.0 in 0630 PM 04/11 44.51N/95.89W
    White Lake 12.0 in 0700 AM 04/12 43.73N/98.72W
    Chamberlain 1 W 10.8 in 0530 AM 04/12 43.81N/99.33W
    6 SSE Tabor 10.5 in 0645 PM 04/11 42.87N/97.60W
    Delmont 10.5 in 0530 PM 04/11 43.27N/98.16W
    Tyndall 10.5 in 0700 PM 04/11 42.99N/97.87W
    Emery 11 S 10.0 in 0600 AM 04/12 43.45N/97.66W
    Menno 10.0 in 0700 AM 04/11 43.24N/97.57W

  12. A bit less over here on the shores of the Green Bay at the WI/Mi border.
    We got about 6 inches of snow. For some time, the snow missed us but within a couple hours we were above the predicted 1-3 inches, and it kept up.
    It was enough I had to crank up the snow blower to clear the walk. We got less rain and it didn’t get as warm as they said, so it didn’t melt much. Yet.

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  14. Hi Robert, I read and enjoy your articles about what is happening in the cooling phase and cycles. I hope all is well as there has been no new articles in over a week. Best wishes to you Robert

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