Parts of Vietnam see first snow EVER

Buffaloes have recently died due to the extremely cold weather.

25 Jan 2016 – It’s officially Snow Day in Northern Vietnam right now, with a massive cold blast hitting that part of the country and giving some regions their first ever taste of snow. Ever.

Confused locals and tourists alike have been getting out into the winter wonderland and enjoying the cold, wet, white substance known as snow.

The extremely dangerous cold affecting the northern region has damaged production, crops and caused death of tens of cattle.

Particularly, the cold front caused death of 65 buffaloes, cows, and frozen 205 hectares of flower and vegetables.

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2 thoughts on “Parts of Vietnam see first snow EVER”

  1. poor animals yet again
    treecover but they wouldnt know to go to it and it still wouldnt be good as they have such thin coats, no insulation of fat either.
    bet the native critters arent faring well either.

    • No, wild animals will not fare well either, if they were born and raised in it they would probably be alright,but an xtra 15 or 20 degree drop is shock to the system and it kills. This goes for plants also, I’ve seen volunteer Tomatoe seedlings covered white with frost and there just fine when it melts ,but a tender greenhouse plant set out by them would be froze dead. No resistance.

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