Passengers on grounded Arctic cruise ship to be flown back south – Video

One Coast Guard icebreaker is on the scene and a second is on its way.

25 Aug 2018 – KUGAARUK, Nunavut – Cpl. Serge Yelle of the RCMP detachment says he expects between 80 and 90 of the passengers will fly from the remote Arctic coastline community back to Yellowknife.

The CCGS Pierre Radisson is one of the two ice breakers that helped free the Akedemik Ioffe which ran aground in northern Canada on Friday. File photo: Canadian Coast Guard

The Transportation Safety Board is considering whether it will send investigators to the site.

A board spokesman says the ship has suffered some damage.

On its website, the tour operator – One Ocean Expeditions – describes the 117-metre Akademik Ioffe as a “modern, comfortable, safe and ice-strengthened” vessel that can host 96 passengers and 65 staff and crew.

Passengers on grounded Arctic cruise ship to be flown back to Yellowknife

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8 thoughts on “Passengers on grounded Arctic cruise ship to be flown back south – Video”

  1. What needs to be watched is the marked increase in geological activity . Magnitude earthquakes 4.0 or higher have increased by over 25% during the past two weeks.

    Also of note is this very weak CME from the sun has played havoc with our magnetic filed resulting in a major geo magnetic storm.

    I wonder how weak the geo magnetic field is and how fast it is declining. Can’t wait for the latest data.

  2. With all the expectations of the Northwest Passage being ice free,
    the Northwest Passage has NEVER been ice free
    in all of human history
    in ALL of human memory.

    • All written history is of some 5.7K years, The Chinese are reported as sailing around the Canadian Archipelago @ the height of summer from East to West in 1400s during a similar Meridional period last experienced during the 1930s and over wintering on the Northern Coast of Canada/Alaska in what was Russian territory.
      It might also have been clear during the height of the Holocene Maximum prior to the 8500K event.
      For the vast 99.97% majority of that written history man had yet to discover using Hydrocarbon as a power source. Perhaps AGW is the fault of man discovering farming and domesticating live stock as a food source, or perhaps MANNipulation and barking up the wrong lonesome pine is the root cause of AGW, and climate change is really cyclic and has been for the last 3.85 billion years.

    • not ice free totally
      in the 30s some ships managed more than one round trip through there that summer
      so whatever claims are made now STILL dont match or equal the 30s
      pretty much worldwide that was the decade with the record heat drought n human misery.
      looking back the poor buggers blamed for the “grapes of wrath” type soil erosion has some impact but if the weather was “normally wet” what they did would have given boom crops.
      man blamed for what over 75% of was down to natural events. same as now.
      only worse times were the iceages

    • The NW Passage may never have been ice-free in human memory, but I seem to remember reading about a Viking ship found on the California coast. If correct, this would be proof that the NW Passage was open during the Medieval Warm Period.

  3. This ship was on the other side of the the peninsula from the Northwest Passage, 165 miles straightline west of Gjoa Haven. They were in an area that is always ice free in Summer. The icebreakers are the only CCG vessels there and their diversion puts others at risk. Best line from the article below…”Canada’s Arctic seas remain poorly charted.” And yet the NY Times and Guardian continue to spew North Pole shipping route stories.

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