Passengers stranded on train in Sweden

More than two feet (70cm) of snow leaves railway track impassable.


12 Jan 2021 – Stranded train passengers received sandwiches. With video

Train passengers stuck since early Tuesday morning – got food from Långselehandlare. The train company was forced to evacuate the passengers in the afternoon.

In Långsele, the local trader Otto Lampinen has made sure that the stranded passengers on a train that is standing still now have something in their stomach.

He delivered sandwiches to the about 60 passengers who have been stuck on the train since 3 o’clock last night after a train derailed in Skorped.

According to SVT’s team on site in Långsele, the passengers were evacuated from the train later in the afternoon because the railway track was not passable.

There is a lot of snow in Långsele – the estimate was that it has reached 70 centimeters (more than 2 feet) so far.

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8 thoughts on “Passengers stranded on train in Sweden”

  1. So in Sweden it takes 70 cm of snow to stop the trains. In the UK it takes about 0.7 cm of snow, or in Fall a few leaves on the tracks, to bring all rail services grinding to a holt.

    Stay safe and keep warm.

  2. They don’t have engines with snowplows like we do in the USA? Freight’s gotta move, y’know, and those snowplow engines are a sight to see. They can plow their way through six feet of it like it’s nothing. I think there are videos of that on YouTube, worth watching, too.

    • I’ve taken Amtrak here in the US quite a few times. I distinctly remember one trip from Boston to Florida around Christmas when the train was stopped for 4-5 hours due to snow on the tracks.

      So there may be ways of getting through the snow eventually but it doesn’t mean every single train has an engine with snowplow.

      That’s not the worst tho… one summer I took the train from Boston to LA and in the last lag of it, from Salt Lake City to LA we were 11 hours late getting in. Why, because it was over 100 degrees F and they could not go over 30 mph… they told us that if they went any faster in that kind of heat they could derail.

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