Patiently Waiting for Icelandic Eruption – “Like watching paint dry”

Even though an eruption is “likely,” Icelandic Met Office official stresses that “no disaster is imminent on the Reykjanes peninsula and no one is in danger.”


Even though Iceland seems to be getting more press… Superintendent Rögnvaldur Ólafsson is at the coordination center of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, patiently waiting to see how things develop on the Reykjanes peninsula, where an eruption is considered likely.

He tells that in case of an eruption, it is highly unlikely that houses need to be invacuated in the Reykjanes peninsula.

Most likely, a potential eruption would be a small one that would not put inhabited areas and infrastructure at risk.

“We’re just waiting,” he states. This, he adds, is similar to what he experienced leading up to the Holuhraun eruption in 2014. “Then, we were in a similar situation for about two weeks, I believe,” he states, sounding very patient.

“Someone joked earlier that this is like watching paint dry,” he states. “We’re making plans and plans B,” he adds. “It’s that sort of work we’re doing here.”

At a press conference held by the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management and the Icelandic Meteorological Office this afternoon, Chief Superintendent Víðir Reynisson stressed that no disaster is imminent on the Reykjanes peninsula and no one is in danger.

Kristín Jónsdóttir, natural hazards specialist at the Icelandic Met Office stated that if an eruption occurs, it is not likely to be dangerous. She added that people do not have to worry much about pollution from gases in case of an eruption.

However,  look at the Laki eruption, which killed a quarter of Iceland’s population

“In the 18th century, climatic conditions in Iceland reached an all-time low since the original settlement. On top of this, Laki erupted in 1783, spitting out 12.5 cubic kilometres (3.0 cu miles) of lava. Floods, ash, and fumes killed 9,000 people and 80% of the livestock. The ensuing starvation killed a quarter of Iceland’s population.” We pray that history won’t repeat…. (Wikipedia)

Volcano near Reykjavik “a ticking time bomb,” – Video:

Iceland is a part of the  mid-Atlantic Ridge which is above sea-level, the video reminds us (at about 2:50 into the video).

Mt Þorbjörn is where everything started 14 months ago. The entire mountain has been growing taller. And some of the nearby towns are actually built on lava.

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  2. Even though an eruption is “likely,” Icelandic Met Office official stresses that “no disaster is imminent on the Reykjanes peninsula and no one is in danger.”

    Exactly how does this Civil Defense bureaucrat know that?


    Our hearts are broken. We grieve the loss of Alan Watt who left this world on 4 March 2021. His tireless work to share his knowledge of this System we are born into and how it has wrought the horrors we are living through now, is his priceless gift to us.

    Hear this:

    “Truth is Eternal and cannot be compromised… Hearing and understanding TRUTH leaves one with a dilemma, for it DEMANDS change, beginning with You …and even your closest relationships may go down the drain, yet that is the price demanded in the past, to-day and for always… We are spirits descended into matter for a purpose. Understanding this is the meaning of the term “having life, and having it more abundantly.” This does not mean accumulation of products. It means “doing that which is true.”

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    Quote from Cutting Through, Volume 1
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  4. at least with generations of experience their plan B and prob C as well will be well thought out and the people less likely to panic and be idiots

  5. I was patiently checking out the location map of Tambora Volcano among the Indonesian active volcanoes instead.

  6. Hi Robert,

    Any word on the magnetic reversal front? Heard Mike Adams mention it in one of his situation updates and immediately looked to this site for info.

  7. US February was the coldest in 32 years:

    The Olympic Mountains behind my house have 173% of average snowpack as of 3/5/21 and there’s more snow on the way:

    More US snow forecast this week all the way down to N Texas:

  8. Unless a person is in Rekyavik. Then the constant earthquakes are too exciting. A number of magnitude 5s already and a very close mid 4 magnitude.

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