8 thoughts on “Penn and Teller on Global Warming – Video

  1. Robert, Thanks for putting this up. It totally cracked me up when I found it yesterday. What’s most insightful, is that today we’re hearing the same symptoms cited, but for opposite reasons. I think in 1974, scientists were giving their unbiased opinion, but they had no foreknowledge of the primarily solar induced warming that was to occur between 1979-1998. Perhaps they were only off by 40-45 years? also, it looks like we’re now at spotless day #7, with F10.7 flux below 80.

  2. UPDATE: Snow alert ahead of bitterly cold weekend for SA
    PICS: Snow in the Free State! Golden Gate National Park is a vision in white
    Blue Monday: These snow PICS make us crave a #WinterEscape
    – Large parts of SA can expect the mercury to plummet over the next few days, according to the South African Weather Service.
    Winter has hit hard as bitterly cold temperatures are being be felt across SA, as PE experienced its coldest morning for the year with the mercury dropping to 1.9°C on Wednesday.
    Forecasts for Thursday indicate temperatures will drop to as much as -3°C in Gauteng’s Vereerniging and the Northern Cape’s Sutherland, while the mercury will drop to -0°C in Mpumalanga’s Standerton, the Northern Cape’s Calvinia as well as the Free State’s Bethlehem.
    South African Weather Service spokesperson for the region Garth Sampson says it was in fact the coldest temperature since 2014 set at 1.4°C, and it would have had to drop a further -0.7°C to set an all-time record.
    SEE: Cold front approaches SA from south-west
    Added to this Sampson warns the upcoming weekend is expected to be super cold as a cold front with wet weather and possible snowfall is expected to hit the Eastern Cape by Friday afternoon.
    “This will be accompanied by gale force winds, very cold temperatures and showers of rain over the southern parts near the south of Somerset East, Hogsback between Plettenberg Bay and the Kei River.
    Warnings of snow: Snow is also expected on the southern mountains and will include Baviaanskloof Mountains, Tsitsikama Mountains, Amatola/Winterberg Mountains around Hogsback, says Sampson.

  3. AND if he would have researched the data presented he would have learned “IT WAS A PREDICTION” that in 50 years we would begin to enter the Ice Age.

    And guess what? We are. Even NASA has had to agree we are facing a long cold period and Russia, strange enough, agrees but goes further and warns of a pending Maunder like cold period.

  4. yeah..there ARE advantages to getting older and having seen it all before.
    sorta also sad to see the same crap served up time and again also.

  5. Settled science anyone?

    Do you think Penn & Teller know how to do ‘Mike’s nature trick’?

  6. Though they will never, ever admit it, the absolute worst fear among politicians is that someday, people will decide they simply don’t need much governing anymore, and hence, not many politicians, and those they do need, will not have nearly as much power, influence, or money. By 1974, the worst of the Cold War was over, and East-West relations were beginning to thaw. The Viet Nam War was headed toward its inevitable conclusion, and things were calming down. A new crisis had to be found, but the ice age idea didn’t exactly work. Now the same people are at it again a generation later, trying to invent a new climate crisis with global warming, but as happened the first time, climate is stubbornly refusing to cooperate.

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