People fighting for food as Florence bears down

“Empty shelf after empty shelf.”


“The water aisles were especially bare — empty shelf after empty shelf.” (See video from from ABC11 News in Raleigh)

“We came around 1 and all the waters were gone,” said Blake Swain. “Now, it’s just people fighting for food.”

What have I been saying about people fighting in the streets for food?

With fears of record flooding, a state of emergency has been declared in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.

More than one million people have been ordered to evacuate.

Where do they go? 

And how do they get there?

As of Wednesday afternoon, some gasoline stations on evacuation routes had already run out of gas.

One to three million people could lose power, Duke Energy warns. The power may remain off for days,perhaps weeks in remote areas.

Speaking of power, some experts warn that flooding and torrential rains could impact the six nuclear power plants owned and operated by Duke Energy in the hurricane’s path. However, federal officials, don’t seen all that concerned.


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  1. I went to Harris Teeter myself this morning… yes no plain bottled water but pretty much everything else they had recently gotten stocked up (so much stuff on the shelves I was surprised, so I asked them… and if they lose power did they have generators or what to keep from losing it all – they said they did.

    There was flavored water, flavored sparkling water, lots of juice of all kinds, soda, booze, etc…. so it’s not like you couldn’t find alternative beverages s (altho more expensive than a gallon of store brand water). They also had full stock of fresh produce, meats, and every other possible thing… I’m guessing they must just have a supplier for their bottled water didn’t have enough.

  2. cant get over the panic on water, when tapwaters as good, and it isnt hard to fill some empties of anything handy.
    same re the food thing
    would seem most people have pretty thin cupboards and nothing prepped, sad really.

  3. Boiling water plants are especially vulnerable (that’s all US plants) has all the data.
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    Search Twitter
    NC nuke plant
    near Wilmington in PATH of
    . Brunswick nukes consist of 2 very old
    hurricane Is projected to have “historic” storm surge and 150 MPH winds! Duke must shut down
    6:14 PM · Sep 11, 2018
    Fix Fukushima
    Fix Fukushima
    Sep 12
    Replying to
    Sue Prent
    Sue Prent
    Replying to
    Not good!!

  4. I am always surprised when they have to tell people to stock up for a hurricane, these people know when hurricane season is coming, they know they are in the possible path, and they store nothing? It seems to me that waiting for an evacuation notice to go buy batteries and canned food and stock up on water is leaving it a bit late. Should have done it months ago.

  5. I’ve never understood people that don’t keep at least a month’s supply of food and a means of purifying water on hand.
    Even in a small apartment it doesn’t take up that much room and doesn’t cost that much money.

  6. If there’s no water on the Shelfs you can buy a 5 gallon food grade Bucket from Walmart any paint store Lowes or Home Depot for the price of one case of Bottled water Fill it up with water from your tap. And you now have a 5 days supply of water for one person for around $3.00

  7. As a ex super storm graduate of huricane katrina it will be though for weeks. I left NEW ORLEANS and went 100 miles away north of the storm and was stuck in an area that did not get food or water for weeks. If we wouldn’t have brought food and water we might have starved. I really feel for the people of n and s carolina. Good luck and gods speed.

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