The People vs Winter – Video

The People vs Winter – Video

Follies of living where it snows.

Don’t know about you, but I’d prefer global warming.

Thanks to Winona Campbell for this video

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  1. I think DL would call most of those ‘stupid human tricks’.
    The problem is the ice usually, whether it starts as sleet or through melting near the freezing point, packed snow essentially becomes ice or ice-like and then the follies begin, especially after a few decades of ‘global warming’, as now most people aren’t accustomed to driving or even walking in such conditions and if the the overabundance of rain turns to snow this winter, they may never get the chance, as inches of rain usually equal feet of snow.

  2. I live in Canada, and can relate to that video more than you might believe. I have been waiting for global warming for the past 30 years and I have been greatly disappointed since it has never really come…. yet.
    Needless to say, I really chuckled to read this link regarding what the IPCC report allegedly means to Canadians:

    Here is an extract from this article:
    “There will be stronger hurricanes, longer heat waves and, in some parts of the country, more snow and more hail, says the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which released a 2,216-page assessment on global warming’s regional impact.”

    So, “more snow and more hail,” we can expect for Canada due to GLOBAL WARMING. Ya think, IPCC?

  3. I have never heard any of the Green lobby explain what the real problem with a 3-4 degree C increase in average temperature would be. Muttering about some areas becoming difficult to live in whilst ignoring the fact that other areas now uninhabitable due to ice never seemed to be as bad as they made out.

    • Sorry – that last sentence should read: Some areas becoming difficult to live in whilst ignoring the fact that other areas now uninhabitable due to ice never seemed to be as bad as they made out.

  4. Great video. Some of those had me laughing and some of those had me saying “ouch” out loud. That cannon ball attempt with the iced over pool had to hurt.

  5. I could never understand Europeans fear of a 2 or even 4 degree increase in average temperature.

    Where I live the annual average is 20.4 – average maximum is 25.3 and average minimum is 15.5.

    If we assume our climate will heat up more than Europe it is likely the only real detriment to Europeans is the reduction in snow and cold.

    It is unlikely they will experience the “fires of hell”.

    We already live with more than 6 degrees average above the global average.

    A few degrees for Europe will probably merely mean less cold, misery and more food production.

    This slight disadvantage will be offset by a reduction in clothing costs – shorts and sandals are cheap.

    And as the sun has nothing to do with global warming you won’t need sunscreen – a huge saving !

  6. Loved the clip, thanx for putting a smile on my face. Also, I have no understanding of those sort of things, as I am a Queenslander, and has never snowed in my part of the world.. Thanx again.

    • Snow is not rare in Queensland. Depends on where you are. Certainly not rare in the Granite Belt. Historically snow has fallen as far north as Mackay. There was ground snow in Stanthorpe this year.
      In 1984 there was 60cms of Snow on the ground around the Mt Tully and Eukey. It snowed continuously for two days.

      But, on the other hand. I was stuck in Goondiwindi for four days at the start of this year due to floods.

  7. I fell over on an icy footpath in London in 1973 and tore all the ligaments in my right shoulder. Since that time I haven’t been able to overthrow a ball or hit an overarm swing with any type of sports racquet.
    I hate snow!!.

  8. would appear that parts of Victoria Aus could get snow according to weather reports yesterday snow was possible at 1300 metres level today they said 1000.
    daytime temps were low teen at best and overnight to 8c.
    cold wet and wild windy spring

  9. Ice,snow,big and little ice ages happen! Get used to it people. It won’t be like Florida pole to pole any time soon and may be not ever.

  10. In February I got 40 inches of snow in about 24 hours in a blizzard….took a week to really clear all the roads…I think we are going to have to get more proficient at it….I live in New England…southern New England to be precise…right now our winters precip is 50-50 rain snow or ice….guess that’ll change and add to our 50 inches a year average

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