Perfectly frozen fox reminder that nature is cruel

One of the cold that gripped vast parts of Germany and Europe. 

A hunter in the southern city of Fridingen said the fox fell through thin ice of the Danube river and drowned.

Franz Stehle cut the ice block and put it on display outside his family hotel.

See photos:

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4 thoughts on “Perfectly frozen fox reminder that nature is cruel”

  1. Poor thing, what a way to go….

    Looks like something out of a cartoon about Ice Ages…

    Just remember folks, according to Al Bore; “Warming BAD……” “Freezing GOOD…….”

    I’ve felt a little bit like that poor fox a few times during the winters in Buffalo, NY. Luckily I thawed out.

    Cheers, KevinK

  2. Well I agree that Mother Nature is a B&*#^ … but I’m sure it was drowning that did him/her in, an hypothermia just because he got wet…. could have died almost instantly from the shock.

    But normally foxes do very well in cold winters…. remember some live in the Arctic. One of my favorite photos is one I found online… of a red fox, waist deep in snow during a blizzard in Mount Washington (NH), which has some of the worst weather in the world … with his snout up in the air… looking for all the world like a grin of pure joy!

  3. If they don’t fall through the ice, they can endure remarkably frigid conditions, much more than people could survive.

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