Perth – Coldest September in more than 20 years

At least since 1994, says the announcer. “The last week of September looks more like winter than spring.”

See video:

Thanks to John of Cloverdale WA Australia for this link

2 thoughts on “Perth – Coldest September in more than 20 years”

  1. The fun keeps coming. Google: south australia without power

    Today the *entire* state of South Australia lost power, due to a massive “once in 50-year storm.” And stupid Warmist electricity grid planning, involving too much wind power – which is useless in strong storms.

    NSW should follow their example and keep on shutting down perfectly good coal fired generating plants. Not just mothballing them, but actually trashing and dismantling them. Because it’s so great being without electricity, especially when heading into a 50 to 100 year new Maunder Minimum.

    Being the conspiracy-aware nut I am, I can’t help thinking the policy of subsidizing ‘grid tied’ home solar electric systems, that WON’T generate any mains power if there’s no power on the grid, fits nicely with Agenda 21 goals. Makes sure that when the grid goes down (by deliberate policy mismanagement) almost no one has any workable local backup power.

  2. ripper aint it?
    at the same time karoly is whining re melting antarctic yet again
    and how hot it is
    we are having nationwide storms floods and way below avg temps

    some hilarious(not really) news from Sth Aus
    entire state almost…mass blackout
    pity they shut the generators down…
    and the birdshredders with luck have their vanes ripped off in the huge wind storm n hail thats hit today

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