Perth on track for coldest month on record

“July proving one of the coldest,” reads the headline on

“Perth is on track to have the coldest month on record,” writes Aleisha Orr.

“This morning the temperature dipped to 0.4 degrees at 6.24am – and at 8am, it was still only three degrees.

“That is the coldest day since July 5, 2010 when 0.3 degrees was recorded in the city.

“Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Matt Boterhoven told that today’s minimum took this month’s tally of cold mornings to 15.

“The bureau counts temperatures of less than five degrees as cold mornings.

“Mr Boterhoven said the record for cold mornings was 16 in a month, which was reached in July 2010, 2001 and 1998.

“He said with forecasts predicting a minimum of two degrees for tomorrow and four degrees on Friday, there was a good chance that record would be beaten.”

Please note that Perth’s last three cold morning records were all set during the past twelve years.

So much for global warming. -coldest/2635178.aspx?src=email

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“All year around the Greenland icecap is freezing, even during summer. Just a few days of thaw is headline news in the MSM,” says Argiris. “But when cold records are broken, it is only in the local news, like the Glen Innes Examiner.”

3 thoughts on “Perth on track for coldest month on record”

  1. The increased melting in Greenland has been mentioned on BBC websites. But, as the core of the ice-cap is more than 2 miles thick, it will make no difference. The BBC did indicate that scientists were reporting a resumption of freezing temperatures on the ice-cap. It’s not unusual for temperatures to reach 21c or more in southern Greenland in summer given a long fetch of southerly winds.Even Alert on the north coast will occasionally have relatively warm days above 10c.

  2. The bad winter in the SH could be a portent of the NH winter. ENSOs been ever so slightly into Nino territory but thus far appears unable to crack the Negative Phase PDO impacts and now the AMO’s going or gone negative.

  3. “Global Warming” doesn’t tell the whole story. While global average temperatures are increasing, weather extremes are as well. In addition, coastal climates in the Pacific region seem to be getting colder. Where I live (Vancouver Island) , we’ve just had the three coldest springs(2010-12)on record and this summer and last have been cooler and wetter than normal.

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