Perth on track for coldest winter this century

June and July temperatures have been the coldest in years.

Also three confirmed reports of snow on the Stirling Ranges this winter so far,  the highest number since 1998,

“On average, snow falls once a year in WA,” said Bureau of Meteorology spokesman Neil Bennet.

Thanks to John of Cloverdale WA Australia for this link

“Perth Metro and Perth Airport had their coolest July days for eighteen years,” says John.

2 thoughts on “Perth on track for coldest winter this century”

  1. (which is linked through this page) has been saying for some time now that this was to be an exceptionally cold winter for Australia, and it has everything to do with the sun. That’s the thing to be determined for the northern hemisphere this coming winter: with the reduced F10.7 solar flux and low sunspot numbers (SSN) how will that impact the winter for hundreds of millions of people? Should be interesting to see.

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