Peru – Heaviest snowfall in years kills 171,850 alpacas

State of emergency declared in three provinces of Puno.

10 July 2015 – The Regional Council of Puno declared the state of emergency in the provinces of Sandia, Carabaya and San Antonio de Putina because of the damage generated by low temperatures, snow and ice.

On Thursday, the regional directorates of Transport and Communications, Agriculture, Health, Education, municipalities and other institutions announced that, to date, more than 171 850 alpacas died from the snow and ice.

In response, the regional government of Puno ordered the purchase of 15,000 bales of oats to feed the animals still alive despite the bad weather.

The regional governor of Puno, Juan Luque Mamani, said that compared with previous years, this year is the heaviest snowfall.

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  1. Those heathen. They should be turning those oats in to fuel for burning. That will save them and keep them warm. I think the USA needs to pay for a gov’t program to send 200 people down there to train them on how to turn those fields in to corn fields, get rid of their alpacas and llamas, and drive ethanol cars. … for the environment.

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