Peruvian volcano cuts loose – Lots of ash

Powerful explosive eruption at Ubinas volcano in Peru.

Ash plumes rising around 6km (20,000ft) above the volcano – 12km (40,000ft) above sea level.

Volcanic ash rising above Ubinas volcano on July 19, 2019 – Image credit: The Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP)

Seismic activity is very high: Around 400 earthquakes per day.

Ashfall was reported in the villages across the region – in the towns of Ubinas, Escacha, Anascapa, Matalaque, San Miguel, Huarina and Tonohaya.

Ubinas is Peru’s most active volcano.

See video here:

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7 thoughts on “Peruvian volcano cuts loose – Lots of ash”

  1. 6th major volcanic eruption since early June. All have made it to the stratosphere. This just may be the kick that starts the temperature downturn to the next ice age event. All bets are off if more go off, and I am afraid they may.

  2. adding up all the recent eruptions the upper atmosphere must be carrying a fair whack of dust and debris..which might well be why the rains all over have been so heavy?
    and the temps lower
    throw less irradiance from the sun and its not a good look going forwards.
    i DO note that the nullschool usa temps just a while ago were NOTHING over 26degC
    killer heatwave?
    hmm slipped under a rug somewhere?

  3. Anyone flying in the areas of those eruptions should start to notice the windows getting scratched by the ash. Pan Am was still changing windows 5 years after Mt. St. Helens blew.

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