Petition to remove air conditioning from all US State Property

You know it makes sense — air conditioners are as dangerous as suicide bombers. They must be stopped. Next up, refrigerators…

Here’s a petition you can support:  Do it for the children, for the future.

Remove air conditioning from all US State Department property.

John Kerry, Airconditioners, ISIS

WHEREAS, Secretary of State John F. Kerry has suggested that air conditioners are as big a threat as ISIS, and

WHEREAS, it is the duty of our elected and appointed government officials to lead by example,

THEREFORE, we call upon the U.S. Department of State to remove air conditioning from all property that the Department owns, rents, or otherwise employs, including but not limited to embassies, consulates, office buildings, etc., all vehicles owned and/or operated by the Department, and any other property, real or movable, owned, rented, or otherwise employed by the Department.

Hopalong Ginsberg started this petition, and 2,500 people have spoken up already.  To sign the petition go to…

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21 thoughts on “Petition to remove air conditioning from all US State Property”

  1. What the …..! Has the twilight zone been made to come true? I think these people are stark raving mad and should be locked away in mental institutions to protect the public! How on earth does someone with such radical and dangerous views and opnions get into such a powerful position? Scary scary times indeed!

    • It may be crazy, but it’s not air conditioning that they’ll need when the climate starts cooling down.

    • “How on earth does someone with such radical and dangerous views and opnions get into such a powerful position” ???

      I don’t know Bill ?

      Sincerely yours

      President Obama

  2. They should include the word “Heat-Pump’s”.
    If John Kerry really cared he would rat out the whole administration and he has more than enough money to live his life out and does not really need this job.

  3. And I thought that we had crappy politicians in Denmark…..
    Nothing to see here, Karry on
    Has he suffered some kind of hard blow to the upper region of his body, or is it normal for him to be a friggin loonie…

    • for John Kerry to be a friggin’ loony is perfectly normal. I think he was born crazy and just been losing ground ever since!

  4. Whereas John Kerry is a world class “Horse’s Ass”; everything emanating from his mouth should dealt with the same as all other horse manure.

  5. You know, Sec. Kerry will be out of his bully pulpit job soon. Perhaps I should invite him down to Texas during our lovely summers. No A/C and 102* with heat indices at 108*… the shade.
    No refrigerator? No problem. We’ll just hand him a mister fan, hand pumped of course. Battery manufacturing creates CO2. I’ll even let him work off lunch by mowing the yard with an eco friendly push mower! Y’all come !

  6. “Remove air conditioning from all US State Department property” ?

    HELL YA, “PERFECT” !!!

    Hit Government Workers – “First” – “Hardest” AND…


    It don’t get better than that !!!!!!!!

    And Part ll…

    Start in “California”, in “August”, right through September !

    And why ?

    Because “stupidity” deserves “reward”, and since the vast majority of Californians are [Ultra-Leftists] and when you come to think of it, Why-Not-Help-Them-To-Prepare-For-Their-Final-Unresting-Place ?

    Early !!!

    Maybe Burning Burnie can join them, we’ll call it pre-get-together before their actual final get-together ? ! ?

    It will give them some talking points for later use !!! ?

    So… Toast Them

    • Unfortunately… most places in CA are pretty dry and therefore comfortable even in the hottest weather.

      I say that because I lived in Alpine (San Diego County) for 3+years and Orange county for 4 years and was never uncomfortably hot as long as I was in the shade. And I only turned on the AC maybe 3-4 times total in all those years, heat maybe 5 x.

  7. Why is it that people who promote initiating oppressive AGW-inspired policies start adopting such a Ghoulish countenance?? It’s like watching ‘Faces of Meth’, it’s freaking me out!

  8. 10,242 signed as I also did:-)
    waaaay to go!!!!
    and yup Im going to email everyone with it:-)
    excellent excellent idea!!!!

  9. Kerry saw firsthand what happened to Vietnam (2 years) after USA pulled out yet he presided over Obamas same mistake in Iraq. Culpable is the word that comes mind. The US stayed in Japan, Germany and Sth Korea under Republican Govts. and produced spectacular successes but pulled out of other Wars under Democrats.

  10. The democrat party is nothing but a one trick pony, they talk about the garbage issues of the day, Transgender rights, AGW, Kerry playing the stooge as a set up man for the DNC so the democrats can remove of air conditioners and save us all. Do you know what else is conditioned, liberal democrats who are cultivated and indoctrinated from the first time they enter the public education system to think illogically and to accept everything they are told. You want to know what a ZombieNation would look like?, your living it for the past eight years, thank that liberal next to you for having zero sense inside that cavity where their brain should be. This is more than a joke at this point our country’s future is in the hands of liberal radical leftists. But this story came out at the wrong time, today it’s all about drooling for Hillery as their next president, now that is a bad joke if ever I heard one.

  11. The “elites” should lead the way . I’m sure Kerry is an example of something, but I’m to polite to use that terminology here.

  12. Well, that is a great way to cut productivity! It would have other effects too, which I won’t go into here.

  13. Best way to lose my vote is to become the anti air conditioner party.

    Does it need to be repeated that Sun Belt Southwestern desert states are nearly uninhabitable without air conditioning to most people?

    So you are panicking about displacement of people from sea level rise, however massive displacement of people from lack of air conditioning doesn’t concern you. Okayyy…

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