‘Phallic’ iceberg

An iceberg with a distinctly masculine flourish.

Jamie Ellison’s botanical tour of northern Newfoundland provided a whole different kind of nature lesson when the horticulture instructor and his tour companions took in the impressive ice formation.

See photo:

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12 thoughts on “‘Phallic’ iceberg”

  1. Considering the perverse goings on in Canada it is not surprising that some people would imagine seeing something that looks like male anatomy in the form of an ice berg. Bring on the ice age!
    Canada needs to be ethnically and morally cleansed.

  2. The link of course goes over to a video of a Antarctic “expert” saying that the break off of Larsen C will in part lead to a sea level rise of 3.5 feet…that essentially Antarctica is disintegrating.

    There should a global program where markers are set one meter above sea level all over the world, and set in STONE. When we are all gone by 2100, these monuments to insanity will still be there so they can’t re-write history again and weasel out of their lying predictions like they do every 10 and 20 and 30 and 50 years.

    • The problem is that in many places it isn’t the sea rising but rather the land is subsiding. Larsen C will not contribute to sea rising because it’s an iceberg. Take a glass of water and put an ice cube in the glass. Make sure that the water level is right up too the brim of the glass. As the ice melts it will not overflow over the glass.

      • The convoluted reason they always give is that while ice sheets are floating, like the ice cube, they “hold back” the ice above on the glacier on land. So by breaking off it starts some chain reaction…that leads to collapse, like pulling the drain plug out. The fallacy in these hypothetical dynamics don’t explain 1. Why the ice shelves don’t extend to the equator, ie they break off at some point so why doesn’t THAT break cause total collapse? or that one? or that one? 2. If the ice starts flowing uncontrollably to the sea, where is it coming from? The ice river isn’t running dry at it’s source so why is flow the ocean some how a net loss? The answer is it’s all wrong. These breaks have been going on for centuries and have had no effect on sea level rise rate at all.

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