Phenomenal snow in Australia

“117cm (46 inches) of snow already and its still dumping.”


Spring in Australia? Not at Perisher ski resort. They’ve decided to cancel spring and extend winter! (They’re extending their ski season until Oct 8.)

“The temps have been sitting below zero and the snow is falling down like there is no tomorrow!” their website boasts. ” 117cm of snow already and its still dumping.”

“This is on top of over 2 metres (more than 6 ft) of snow falling through August and SO much more  due by this Friday.

“(This is) the most amount of snow since 2012.”

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4 thoughts on “Phenomenal snow in Australia

  1. This looks a lot like the epic snowfall in California this past winter at Mammoth Lake and Squaw Valley when over 700+ inches (1778 cm) of snow fell. Odd that it’s happening at both ends of the poles? Meh, I don’t know but for those businesses it’s a huge blessing.

  2. A five year record isn’t really a record.

    In the 1960’s and 70’s it was common for periods of weeks where Antarctic air was “funneled” by large high pressure systems over the centre of Australia across much of the continent and particularly the south east extending into sub tropical Queensland.

    During such episodes strong cold SW winds would persist for weeks especially during early August.

    This pattern weakened during the 80’s, sometimes ceasing altogether but for most of my youth you could “set your watch” by this regular phenomenon. In recent decades the really cold winds have rarely occurred and certainly not for weeks at a time – perhaps the cycle is shifting ?

    August and September snow is nothing new to the Australian Alps

  3. In ’82 I camped in a snow-cave on Mt Koscuisko and wondered how the Australian Alpine region could have been glaciated becos it is only 37º S. It is >6000ft high but Au is predominantly a sunny and hot place. In 2017 I realise that the jet-stream sometimes makes big meanders towards the tropics and steers cold air over the SE corner of Au. If this new pattern became the norm we might easily imagine glaciation setting-in.
    A few years ago at New Year I found deep snow and ice in protected gullies in the high country. Essentially, glaciation is when that old ice does not completely melt over the course of the summer and fresh snow falls on top during the fall/autumn.
    Dr David Evans says that 2018 is when the big changes will start be seen so I’m looking forward to some serious cross country skiing and many more snow-caves.

  4. In the context of this being the warmest year those fiddling the data have evah created, there shouldn’t be any snow, ever again. A nasty thing – reality.

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