Philadelphia, New York City and Boston brace for record snowfall

One of the biggest winter storms in years is slamming the East Coast. Snow could pile up 2 feet (60 cm) in some areas. Near blizzard conditions very likely. Officials preparing for widespread power outages. Hundreds of flights canceled.

A powerful Nor’easter and winter storm will pound much of the Northeast and New England today and Tuesday with a variety of hazards, according to the National Weather Service. More than 70 million people across 17 states are hunkering down in its path.

Widespread heavy snow, gusty winds, near blizzard conditions and coastal impacts are very likely.

Expect major to extreme impacts across the region from Washington, D.C. to Pennsylvania to New Jersey to Maine, including the Philadelphia, New York, and Boston metro areas.

The National Weather Service warned that travel in New York City, where 20 inches of snow was expected, will become “very difficult to impossible,” and that the storm will cause travel problems for days. Boston could be hit by up to 16 inches of snow today alone, the National Weather Service warns.

Maximum storm snowfall totals are now a foot – or more – from eastern Pennsylvania to northern New Jersey and western Long Island, according to The highest total as of 12 p.m. EST was 16 inches in Longhill Township, New Jersey.

New York’s LaGuardia Airport had 9 inches of snow on the ground as of 12 p.m. EST, with snowfall rates of an inch per hour.

On Monday evening, the heavy snow will expand from parts of the Mid-Atlantic into Northern New England and continue over parts of the Northeast into Wednesday.

Overnight Monday, the snow will begin to weaken over the Ohio Valley into parts of the Southern Appalachians. However, the snow will linger over the Central Appalachians into Wednesday morning.

In the meantime, a front approaching the Northwest will advance eastward to the Northern Intermountain Region/Northern Rockies to Southern California by Wednesday. The system will produce rain and some high elevation snow over parts of the Pacific Northwest and parts of Northern California on Monday.

When the front moves onshore overnight Monday, snow levels will lower over the region. On Tuesday afternoon, snow returns to California’s higher elevations and into parts of the Northern Intermountain Region. By Wednesday morning, the snow will move into parts of the Northern Rockies.


Possible historic snow in New York City. Video:

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  1. There are some New Jersey towns already at 20 inches at 2 PM-with at least 12 hours to go.The winds are really supposed to pick up in a few hours as well.This may top the 2016 storm.

  2. We finally got out from under the cloud and it has headed East, and we have had essentially the same depths of snow that happened in Feb. 2011. And Boston got slammed that winter, also, by the same storm – something like snow depths up to the level of the 2nd floor in some cases – and it was partly generated by a whammy from Lake Ontario, near Buffalo, NY (I think that was the pattern), so I’d like to know if that is happening again.
    If it is the same, then it’s a pattern in weather cycles that should be reviewed along with the history of those events.

  3. yeaugh and those STUPID morons in NY voted for a guy who will guarantee them massive blackouts in future years. Good show stupid! But you can’t fix stupid in this “retarded” country any longer!
    Soon we won’t have a country anymore…..

  4. “Global warming, don’t you know? Snow is a thing we will read about in history books.” Al Gore or John Kerry?

  5. Thank GOD, due to Global Warming, this is the warmest snow on record……………………………………

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