Philippine Volcano Fires Ash 55,000 ft into the Sky — Direct Cooling Effect

At least 8,000 evacuated. All flights to and from from Manila’s international airport suspended.


A high-level stratospheric eruption was recorded at Taal Volcano today, January 12, 2020, the volcano’s first eruption since 1977.

The eruption propelled a thick column of ash to 55,000 ft (more than 10 miles, or 16.8 km) above sea level, according to the Tokyo Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC).

Taal volcano’s ash plume. Photo: Exec8 / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

The eruption also sparked volcanic lightning, an extremely rare phenomenon caused by highly-charged particles rubbing together in dense ash clouds.

The lightning flashes could be seen from the Philippines capital Manila, just 40 miles (65 km) north of the volcano.

“Ash has already reached Manila… it is dangerous to people if they inhale it,” said Renato Solidumhe, Head of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

A direct cooling effect

An eruption of this size could have a direct affect on the climate, because particulates ejected to altitudes above 32,800 feet (10 km) –and into the stratosphere– often linger, where they have a direct cooling effect on the planet.

See amazing photos of the volcanic lightning:

High-Level Eruption at Taal Volcano, Philippines — Ash fired 55,000 ft (16.8 km) and into the Stratosphere — Direct Cooling Effect

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  3. The last time Taal erupted was the year we moved back to Arkansas, Arkansas River froze over the winter of ’77-78. We were using chain saws and back-hoes breaking ice at ponds so the cattle and critters could drink.
    It snowed 7 Wednesdays in a row, by the time the 7th fell the first was still on the ground. It was down right cold that winter. We were tracking Elk this far south for several years as well.
    One can assume the multidecadal oscillation cycle has advanced 14-17 years early? Appears the MDO (AMO) may be stuck in ice for a lengthy period of time. BRRRR, it’s cold outside baby.

  4. From

    “…if the eruption didn’t already look menacing enough, several lightning strikes have been observed in the area. The lightning bolts were seen hitting the center of the ash column which is towering over the volcano.
    Netizen captured the moment a lightning hit near the Taal Volcano area as seen from Tagaytay City on Sunday.
    Video courtesy of Gevie Egera.

  5. Just last week in Mexico they had a eruption I think at 37,000 feet. A couple more in the next month or so may have some serious adverse effects into the Spring and Summer.

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  7. Taal Volcano.. the LAST time it erupted bigly was 43 years ago in 1977. This was when the sun was at Solar Minimum at the beginning of Solar Cycle 21, with no sunspot activity for 272 days. Today, we are approaching the LOWEST level of solar activity for 200 years…

    6,000 people who LIVE on the volcano, which sits in the middle of a large volcanic caldera (Yellow Lake) are being forced to evacuate. Manila to the North is already seeing ash fall.

    The worst scenario is that WHEN a full scale eruption occurs, a tsunami across the lake will wipe out the lakeshore towns.
    Lightning coming from ash clouds formed by the phreatic eruption of Taal Volcano strikes over Tagaytay Sunday evening as ash coats vehicles in the surroundin…

  8. Low sunspot activity also coincides with volcanic activity, right? Is it established as somehow causative or just empirical?

  9. Cooling only lasts one or two seasons with one volcano (see Mt Pinatubo and how that affected things)….but if ten separate incidents happened over a five year period, now that could seriously alter climate…..

  10. it could be really nasty if it went fullon kaboom as the island is the cone and the lake? is the caldera. and as seen in the NZ white island(people still dying slowly in hospitals) the mix of water and ejecta is nastier than a dry eruption
    the weather effects.. I must see where the wind patterns are
    if ash flows high then comes across to the nth of aus(possible) it would boost our rainy season for us, and we need all the water we ca get to recharge artesian and rivers etc.
    the cold part of the equation isnt so great but.. man proposes god/nature disposes;-)

  11. Why? Grand Solar Minimum.
    Polar magnetic poles are shifting. The real fun hasn’t even begun.
    What we see happening on the planet is a result from what’s going on in space/sun.

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  13. About a year ago, scientists announced the planet was going through a period where its rotation slowed. Rotation speed isn’t constant. Sometimes the Earth turns faster, sometimes slower. When the planet rotation slows, the planet actually shrinks a bit in size.

    This causes the tectonic plates to smash together slightly and likely explains the earthquakes and volcanic activity, especially in the Pacific Ring of Fire region.

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