Phoenix shatters 122-year-cold record

Dates back to when Arizona was still a U.S. territory.

Phoenix smashed a 122-year-old record for the lowest high ever recorded in the city on Feb. 22, according to the National Weather Service in Phoenix.

The mercury rose to a high on Friday of 47 F (8.3 C).

The previous record for the lowest high temp was 54 F (12.2 C),  set on  Feb. 22, 1897.

The average high for the date is about 73 F (22.8 C). shatters-122-year-old-temperature-record/2956459002/

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7 thoughts on “Phoenix shatters 122-year-cold record”

  1. Cold and rainy all day. Hailed just after arriving at work. The superstition mountains have snow nearly half way down, in a strata layer pattern.

  2. Three of the AMP active cycles of the Gleissberg period, SC11, SC12, SC13 and the recovery cycles SC14.
    Produced a 45 year period of record temperatures of both Hot and Cold, with solar energy levels slightly above SC5-SC6 Dalton and SC24 the first cycle of the Modern GSM levels, and well below that of SC20. 1897 was during the Solar Minimum period between SC12 and SC13.
    Low Levels of UV and EUV coupled with long lasting coronial holes causing SAW events and blocking High pressure systems play a massive role in the shaping of the Earth’s climate.

  3. I was in Phoenix the 3 days beforehand and the locals didn’t know what had hit them then. The previous 2 weeks I had spent trying to stay one step ahead of the snow as I did my vacation loop around Arizona and New Mexico. Didn’t expect to be hiking across frozen streams in the Sedona area !!!! Lovely place for hiking though.

  4. Having lived in Phoenix the past 16 years, there’s been only two other times I’ve witnessed it this “cold” for so long and with so much snow on the surrounding mountains. I love it, as it helps with drought mitigation. I’m sure there were plenty of days with cold and snow in the 1930’s to fill Lakes Mead and Powell since that decade was abnormally wet—perhaps we’re beginning to revert to that wetter-than-normal state again? Definitely would be nice, given our population in the state has quintupled during that time.

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