Phony scare tactics by NASA

NASA’s photo makes it look as if West Antarctica is burning up. But when you read the actual words, you find that temperature in the area has (supposedly) risen just over a tenth of one degree per decade. Not per year, but per decade.

Note also how this area correlates with the new volcanic discoveries.

Image courtesy Trent Schindler, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

This in an area where temperatures can plummet to minus 80°C (-112°F).

Is this something that needs to be colored bright red on the map?

Or is this propaganda?

According to NASA, an analysis of satellite and weather station data (supposedly) determined that “Antarctica had warmed at a rate of about 0.12 degrees Celsius (0.22 degrees F) per decade since 1957, for a total average temperature rise of 0.5 degrees Celsius (1 degree F).”

In NASA’s image, dark red reflects the region that warmed the most. Most of the rest of the continent is orange, indicating a smaller warming trend, or white, where no change was observed.

It has been difficult to get a clear picture of temperature trends throughout Antarctica because measurements are so scarce, says NASA. Few weather stations exist, and most of these are near the coast. Temperature has never been monitored routinely across vast parts of the interior.

Scientists therefore used the relationship between ground measurements and satellite measurements to extrapolate temperatures over the entire continent, thus generating a 50-year record of temperature. This even though no satellite was in orbit during many of those years.

So … that’s how they did it.

Based on scarce measurements and almost no weather stations in the continent’s vast interior (Antarctica is more than twice as big as the continental United States), and no satellite measurements for many of the years involved, they extrapolated that temperatures had risen at the horrendous rate of just over a tenth of one degree per decade.

Areas in red correlate with the densest volcanic chain on earth

But what is probably the most interesting is how the areas shown in red correlate with the location of almost one hundred newly discovered volcanoes.

The newly-found volcanoes are concentrated in a region known as the west Antarctic rift, and are “the densest region of volcanoes in the world, greater even than east Africa, where mounts Nyiragongo, Kilimanjaro, Longonot and all the other active volcanoes are concentrated.”

With this new knowledge, how can we possibly blame humans for any (if any) warming in Antarctica?

I think the answer is clear. We can’t.

NASA article (from 2009):

Thanks to Duster for this link

“I can’t be sure without doing a lot more mathematics than I care to, but the odds of this being coincidental are extraordinarily low,” says Duster. “It is also worth noting that Antarctica, covered with LOTS of ice, is still mapped as one of the regions of higher geothermal heat flow – the ENTIRE continent.”

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  1. In the Russian press there have been publications about Antarctica gradual cooling during the same decades (for example in AIF weekly). I think that NASA means some smaller part of the continent with a “desirable” temperature deviation, which is, by the way, tiny.

  2. One day people will talk about how te people of today were duped out of their prosperity and into bondage and they will shake their heads, chuckle and say “they told them 98%”

  3. Im sick of this fearmongering bullshit as are many others i bet!
    colour it red the sheeple dont actually read or look any further
    its red its hot
    yesterday eve using nullschool i looked at temps cos a mate might be going there
    it was a balmy MINUS 52c
    all the stations are either IN/ON the hotspots or near bases
    and extrapolating from nothing but a guess is NOT science
    never was or will be
    they should be publicly shamed for such lies.

    • The map was published in 2009 and several skeptics Skeptics including Jeff at The Air Vent thoroughly dismantled Steig’s mathematical analysis to the point they actUALLY able to publish a peer-reviewed paper. The peer reviewed paper – I’ll send along a link if I can relocate it – produced a map that did show some “warming,” that IIRC, was pretty much restricted to the very areas mapped for these volcanoes. Steig’s work generalized more, “imputing” temperatures where there was utterly no data – no even proxies.

      The really important “gotcha” though is that it really does appear they were measuring genuine “warming.” But if the “skeptic’s” analysis was correct in their mapping, then somehow the data might indicate increased geothermal heat flow rather than something going on in the atmosphere. That could all by itself readily be a very serious observation. The lesson may well be that turning to mathematical modeling before causality is nailed down is a capital mistake.

    • The should be “shot” via “firing” squad !

      For “Crimes” against “Humanity” !!

      And then shame what ever is left after !!!

  4. Please permit the following quotation: “I live in a generation which regards a possible climatic catastrophe as a serious possibility. The so-called ‘greenhouse effect’ is meant to spread over the globe and bring about a rise in temperatures . Man is to blame for this, for he produces the dangerous carbon dioxide gas (CO2). Whoever does not go along with this view of impending doom is held to be irresponsible and unreasonable. Never mind that 81 per cent of all American climatologists view the greenhouse effect in a quite different way, based on convincing data. The world of ideological misinformation carries on regardless. Computer are fed false data ‘which is based on obscure simulation models’. Fairly little of what climate researchers deign to tell us is accurate. Too many of these environmentalists work according to the principle of ‘mega-garbage in – mega-garbage out’. And they are even paid well for doing it. Everything is possible in politics. These people are lacking in historic awareness….”
    (Erich von Daniken, 1998: Odyssey of the Gods.)
    After such word of wisdom, I’ll have to revise my esteem of this author upwards. My esteem of Stephen Hawking was recently revised in the opposite direction.

    • Interesting quote. But more to the point, how is it from 1998 when supposedly 98% of climatologists “view[ed] the greenhouse effect in quite different way, based on convincing data,” to recently where supposedly 97% of ALL scientists see global warming as some kind of armageddon?

      Food for thought. Did the advent of the computer (i.e. PC) introduce a tool to corrupt scientists? Or is it, that scientists were already largely corrupt, and that with the advent of the personal computer, it empowered these corrupt scientists to take advantage over those more circumspect, reticent, and attentively assiduous towards Science!

      • The 97% comes from a biased survey with four leading questions originating from a Green political campaigning survey organisation.
        If the respondents answered the questions correctly it gives you the 97% so called consensus. In fact 68 Climatologist formed the cohort which gave the 97% (answering the survey correctly) of all responding scientists, bothering to answer a biased survey.
        In my opinion it is 97% more likely, that the 68 Climatologists respondents have, at some stage, or are at the time of the survey been in receipt of Government Grants to prove the AGW theory, or to create more refined models which support the AGW alarmism now called climate change, which after spending trillions of US dollars, are no further forward in proving AGW, than looking at Seaweed to see if it going to rain today.
        It’s the Sun stupid, as it always has been, and always will be.

    • Given Hawking’s medical situation he is doing pretty good. If he could just read a little more ‘fringe science’ perhaps he would come to believe as i have that light is NOT a particle and that the famous DOUBLE SLIT experiment has NO experimental verification thereby leaving most of ‘main line’ science in the trash heap of history

  5. Don’t know how you could accurately measure a 0.12 C rise over a decade. And if you could, have the hubris to suggest that it meant anything.

  6. That picture looks like the cover from Nature a few years back (2009) from a paper by Eric Steig. Nic Lewis and others did an analysis and found that the Steig data manipulation took the warming on the Antarctic peninsula and spread it all over the contintent. This article from WUWT summarizes other’s peoples analysis along with independent satellite measurements showing a better representation of the temperature trends.

  7. Not to be too nitpicky, but this fact about volcanoes off the western shelf of Antarctica, has been around for some years now. What is really telling is this, we now have incontrovertible evidence that where ever there has been so called “warming” it correlates with urban centers, and undisclosed or unknown geothermal activities like volcano belts. Whereas, on the other hand, when one looks at the remote areas of our planet, temperature histories disclose, if anything, a drop in global temperatures.

    So I have to ask, as a scientist myself:
    – All these incompetent swanks of science, writing papers and doing studies and research, that are not even half baked, but totally baked with false facts and preposterous charlatanry, how can they hold on to their offices?
    -All these works of charlatanry, filling up volumes in scientific journals, the untold authoritative destruction and esteem debasement being perpetrated by these scientific charlatans, how can any one in the future now use these journals as fonts of knowledge? Like used car yards, competent scientists now have to filter through the mishmash of rubbish, spending untold hours, no, weeks, to find real material! What good are journals anymore, when authors are swindlers, reviewers are jackals, and editors are clowns?

    The Scientific Journal is now The Alchemist Grimoire, and Peer Review process is just another synonym for Group Narcissism.

    When men and women of science become thieves by stealing tax payer monies through falseness and using skulduggery to advance idiotic theories, does this mean Society has come to the beginning of the end of its latest cycle?

    Are we now set for decades, perhaps centuries, of a slow degradation in our social fabric (Social Entropy), and like many times in the past, we once again have to wait for a future time when authors will write again those immortal words that always seem to be written after prolonged periods of social chaos and destruction, “how did we get here? Never again! We must never let this happen again!” Indeed … again.

    I can see a time in the future when our descendants will teach among themselves that journals and text-books should only be accepted during the “Good Years of Science”, and anything afterwards should be disregarded.

    What and when would those “Good Years of Science” be known as? Material before the advent of Global Warming say prior to the 1990s? What will the future call this Dark Age of Science we are now in? The Dark Age of Science? I don’t know, but one thing is for sure, the whole world is going to pay a very costly price for the corruption of science. It always does.

    Science has now become Ideological Avidity.

  8. MeanWhile, in believable news, “Big data finds the Medieval Warm Period – no denial here” ..
    “So, our new technical paper in GeoResJ (vol. 14, pages 36-46) will likely be ignored. Because after applying the latest big data technique to six 2,000 year-long proxy-temperature series we cannot confirm that recent warming is anything but natural – what might have occurred anyway, even if there was no industrial revolution.”

  9. Try re-doing this image of Antarctica, and eliminate all the colors and use different monochrome patterns to indicate temperature differences, and see if it looks any different.

    One can’t help but wonder if there are so few temperature recording stations in Antarctica because there are no parking lots or air conditioner vents to site them near.

  10. “The Dark Age of Modern Science” I love it! Seems a perfect description of that the Goreites and earth-worshippers are doing (have done?) to 500 years of Western scientific advance.

    • @Gene I do believe that your comment is well intended. But please, let’s not forget that scientific advancement in the West during the last 500 years, was only possible because of the scientific advancement of the Middle East in the 800 years prior. Thanks to the Islamic Empire, Medicine, Mathematics, Science including Astronomy were not only advanced but flourished to such an extent that when Europeans visited the Islamic lands they were not only truly astonished and amazed by what they saw, but bitterly envied and resented what they saw.

      We should never in the West just talk about Science as if it was something only was advanced in the West. Concepts like the Scientific Method, key mathematical methodologies like Algebra, and the understanding of the human body that we have today, were all founded during the Islamic Empire when Western society was nothing more than akin to a rats’ nest.

      Nota bene: The Dark Ages were only in Europe. While during those Dark Ages, the Golden Age of Islam, flourished and advanced Man’s knowledge. If it weren’t for the Islamic Empire, the West would still be control by the Church, and Aristotle theories would still be prevalent. As for inventions like the telescope (alla Galileo), we would all be farmers and with lifespans of half of what we have now.

      “500 years of Western Scientific advance”, should be rephrased to 1,000 years of human advancement. It is statements like the former, that cause resentment and infuriate people whom have every right to be put on an equal level as Westerners think of themselves.

      Remember the world is not the West, and the world’s advancement is both Occidental, Oriental, Meridional, and Septentrional. In short, EVERYONE.

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