Our planet has enjoyed 10 warm periods during the past 10,000 years

There is absolutely nothing unusual about today’s so-called global warming (or “climate change”).

Look at how many periods of warmth our planet has enjoyed during the past 10,000 years alone.

Civilizations flourished during those warm periods, and collapsed when they ended.

Did humans cause the Minoan warm period of of about 3,300 years ago?

Did humans cause the Roman warm period of about 2,100 years ago?

Did humans cause the Medieval warm period of about 1,000 years ago?

What about all of those other warm periods? Should we blame Fred Flintstone, perhaps?

Now look at where we are today (at the far right side of the graph).

If the downward trend in temperature of the past 3,300 years continues, we could be in a heap of trouble. While our leaders keep on wringing their collective hands over global warming, we could be blindsided by an ice age.

As far as I’m concerned, all this talk about human-caused global warming is sheer nonsense, if not downright fraud. The record shows that both periods of warmth – and periods of cold – hit our planet with almost consistent regularity.


The above chart is based on data from GISP2 (Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2). GISP2 drilled cores into the Greenland ice more than  3000 meters (almost 2 miles) deep, allowing scientists to study climate variability for the past 125,000 years.

I found the above chart in this great video by Rod Martin, Jr.
Top 10 Climate Lies Exposed


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  1. Are there any archaeological tablets that show ancient kingdoms complaining about globull warming? Just curious. Nothing written in Egypt on an obelisk or a stele?

    • No there are not.

      We do have stele and other records of the collapse of civilization and resorting to cannibalism during cold downturns. Then there are a few “dark ages” during cold periods where literacy was essentially gone as all of society collapsed, so not many records of anything.

      During warm periods, it’s pretty much party time and build empires.

  2. Considering we don’t live on a planet how much official scientism are you willing to believe?
    Quit basing anything on what you were taught, it’s 99% pure fabrication.
    There is no real way to date anything with any accuracy.

  3. Robert, I was with Burt Rutan, his wife and film crew at dinner when they came to Dinuba, his hometown, to film a documentary. Earlier, I had grabbed a few minutes to speak with him about Iceage Now. He commented that we are overdue for an ice age and when I asked is it emanate he said something like, “Emanate means proven beyond a doubt.” Then he gave a Cheshire Cat smile and walked into another room.

  4. THat is actually quite worrying as the full impact of the cold is going to affect a lot of people alive now.

    • Yes it may be so, but 99.97% is coming from the Oceans and Volcanic sources and that’s a fact not a consensus.
      Given that the overturning current takes about 500 years to get from Polar Regions to the Pacific region of the Hawaiian Island world CO2 sensor. Most of the LIA super cold, CO2 laden water is out gassing now, no wonder the CO2 levels is going up.
      Just in time for the Modern Grand Solar Minimum and its cooling to put the excess CO2 back where it belongs in the deep ocean.
      What it proves is that man has a prospensity to bark up the wrong CO2 tree, particulary if he is paid with free tax payers money to do so.

  5. That’s interesting. I saw an old In-search-Of program about the coming ice age. it was made in 1979 I think. One researcher Dr. Gifford Miller was studying Baffin Island as a graduate student & he said at the time that the waming period ended about 3,000 years ago on Baffin Island. which is where the glaciation begins in the northern hemisphere. He is still a member of the Colorado Boulder university system

  6. Robert, thanks for the kind words and added facts.

    Some people have complained about the chart you displayed at the top of this article, saying that it’s only Greenland and not global. Ironically, they didn’t look at the far right label: “Approximate *global* temperature anomaly.” How could the scientist make such a claim: that this Greenland ice core temperature proxy approximates the global mean?

    There are a couple of possibilities, and both of them might be at play, here. Of all the locations on planet Earth, Greenland is at the heart of the region of northern hemisphere glaciation. Greenland is the seed from which the massive glaciation of North America and northern Europe will grow in any glacial period of the current Ice Age. Greenland will record within its ice cores the state of that glacial change.

    The other factor in support of this thesis involves the character of the southern hemisphere. It has a far larger percentage of water (80.9%) than the northern (60.7%). Water dampens temperature fluctuations and this works against any one location in the southern hemisphere tracking the health of the planet’s climate system. Also, Antarctica is somewhat cut off from the rest of the planet. Not entirely, but to a greater extent than Greenland. Around Antarctica there is a circumpolar current that blocks warmer currents from reaching the southern continent.

    I explore these factors in my follow-up series — “Climate Change Lies Exposed,” each video taking on one of the 10 (12) points made in the above video (links in the description).

  7. “While our leaders keep on wringing their collective hands over global warming, we could be blindsided by an ice age.”

    That is the plan Robert. That is why the Georgia Guide stones were built. It was built to be read by the survivors and to ensure the continuation of the Elite’s agenda . No doubt much of surviving mankind would be reduced to being primitive savages and would be easily manipulated by a priesthood of globalists who would use the guide stones as their holy writ to lord over what is left of humanity. Does anyone doubt that they would try it ?

  8. So Jorel what is you explanation for record cold snow and ice since mid 2015?
    You can Jorel draw pretty hockey sticks, “homogenise” numbers, “infill” data and generally obfuscate reality. What you cant do is conceal massive snow drifts and iced over lakes or here in NZ growing glaciers, because there they are. Not the figment of some inaccurate computer model but harsh reality that reveals that AGW is bunkum.

  9. If the graph is accurate it indicates that for most of the past 10,000 years the Greenland temps have remained within the -29 to -31ºC range with to-day being cooler. That’s remarkably stable.
    What concerns me is the variability in the UK latitudes when the jet-stream does more of the meridonial meandering that we have seen during high solar wind events. It brings the Polar Front southwards over critical farming areas in a region that to-day has a high population.
    We hear so much about global warming ™ or cooling but it is the weather PATTERN that should concern us.

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