Poland – 15 people die of frostbite in November

2 Dec 2016 – Meanwhile, heavy snowfall hit the country last night, toppling trees and cutting power lines, said a spokesman for the national fire service. His department responded to 1250 calls.

The snow left around 170,000 homes without electricy, road accidents increased sharply, and forcec cancellation of several flights from the Gdansk airport.

Victims of the cold wave in November in Poland rose to 15 people, said the Government Security Centre, quoted by Tass. They died of frostbite.


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1 thought on “Poland – 15 people die of frostbite in November”

  1. scuse me being puzzled
    few yrs ago with massive frost ice snow
    less deaths?
    and frostbite??
    they were stuck in cars on rds?
    or I wonder is hypothermia more likely?

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