US polar vortex dead ahead

Temperatures expected to plunge 10- to 20-degrees below normal.

As the polar vortex heads southward, ‘Areas from the northern and central Plains to the Great Lakes, the upper Gulf Coast and the Appalachians will feel significant impact from the arctic outbreak,’ said AccuWeather Long Range Expert Paul Pastelok.

‘It is possible single-digit low temperatures occur in parts of the northern Plains and the Upper Midwest, away from the Great Lakes with temperatures plunging to 20 degrees below average in parts of the South,’ Mr Pastelok said.

Worst hit will be Fargo, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis and Cincinnati.

Americans are warned to take steps to combat hypothermia and frostbite in the north, and southern states are being urged to break out the winter coats. eratures-dropping-20-degrees.html

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25 thoughts on “US polar vortex dead ahead

  1. It sucks that the midwest is going to get hammered by this polar vortex. We here in the Puget Sound area never really get hit by any of the winter storms.

    • Same for us Brian in the West of Scotland, we get all the shit off the Atlantic! East, North and hills gets the snow mainly!

  2. What? But the IPCC claimed there would be no Vortex this winter! Chalk up another missed prediction on their long list!

    In other news:

    It seems the “AGW Mob” wrongly predicted a “Super El Nino”, but they are positive that the World is doomed in 76 years! (NOT!) Of course their prediction included a much warmer World, but they seem to forget that an “El Nino” is a natural occurrence!

    ** **
    El Niño Is Sputtering. Why I (and Almost Everyone Else) Was Wrong

    “I was wrong. Despite my predictions earlier this year, I’ve already admitted there will be no super El Niño this winter. In fact, according to new information released Thursday, the odds are increasing that there may not even be an official El Niño at all.”

  3. Chris Bailey of KY Weather has been seeing this coming for the past two weeks.. when he posts three updates in 24 hours, I sit up and take notice!

    “Temps may average greater than 20 degrees below normal for several days…” and

    “Btw… the above pattern should be repeated several times over the next few months.”

  4. While I hate sending anyone to a “Global Lying” site, I say this is great news! Maybe it is time that we all write him a letter so that he kicks down the “NASA Manipulating Door” as well! Maybe we will get real temperature data instead of “Adjusted” temperature.
    If nothing better, I’d say they are very afraid!

    ** **
    Climate Denier-in-Chief Inhofe to Head Senate Environment Committee

    ** **
    “With all of the hysteria, all of the fear, all of the phony science, could it be that man-made global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people?” said Inhofe. “It sure sounds like it.”
    “Clearing addressing something he believes is a “hoax” won’t be at the top of his to-do list. Crippling the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its ability to enforce regulations such as the Clean Air and Clean Water acts will be likely priorities, since he has compared the EPA to “Gestapo” and said the movement to address climate change reminds him of the “Third Reich” and the “Big Lie.” That’s a reference to a term invented by Hitler to describe a lie so extreme that people believe it must be true or no one would say it.”
    “Inhofe’s record of trying to block, hamstring or delay messages to address climate change isn’t pretty. In 2012, he sponsored a bill to overturn an EPA-issued regulation to cut certain toxic emissions such as mercury from coal-fired plants. It garnered a majority of votes, including several from Democrats, but not the 60 required to pass legislation in the Senate. In September he demanded a delay in action on curbing methane emissions from the oil and natural gas industries, claiming the EPA was using outdated information to implement them and that there needed to be more discussion i.e. more time of doing nothing. In October, he demanded that the EPA refrain from looking into the risks fracking posed to water supplies and what states were doing to handle those risks.”

  5. Polar Vortex this weekend in USA as fully formed Arctic Ice Cap at vast size, preposterous thought bubble from 2013 about missing ice utterly blown !
    I bet the Japanese researchers who recently put out a similar paper wish they had waited a week.

  6. This morning in the UP of Mich. we have a couple of inches of snow and 3-4 more later in the day, tonight. Once we get a blanket of snow winter is here. The wind should be piping up also in a few hours, right now it is a case of freezing fog. The animals are eating like they don’t like what is coming.

    • The lying propagandists over at The Weather Channel are going to (1) sensationalize the event all while (2) braying endlessly about how this is somehow tied to global warming/climate change, or perhaps claim how October was the hottest month on record yet again.

      In 1984 I started deer hunting in central Wisconsin. Opening day was -28F (-33C) and we had knee-deep snow. That was normal for the weekend before Thanksgiving from at least the 1950’s through late 1980’s. The cold and snow returning this time of year is a reversion to those historical norms and not the “normal” that follows the rolling 30-year average used by meteorologists and climatologists.

      Bring it on!

  7. Jay, Polar vortex of course depends where you are located, but mid week next week.

    On another note, anyone speculating Putin’s growing threatening posture towards the Ukraine related (in addition to retaking the former Russian empire) to future climate expectations. Russia will need access to more farm land, the Ukraine, and Russia has already seen a reduced harvest this year. Russia has been more prominent in its Mini Ice Age forecasting and maybe that had reached to the Kremlin strategists. I wonder if this thought process is in play with the Ukraine but that would be attributing greater intelligence to Putin versus his grandiose despotic aspirations.

    • I *so* agree that Putin’s actions are a defense against the impending next ice age. Ever heard of their need for a warm-water port? It’s a standing issue for them. I’m sure their scientists are taking more realistic view of what climate is doing and will do. It really is do-or-die in their part of the world.

  8. The meteorologist’s on the local news stations here are smiling while shaking their heads at the same time.

    They claim it will start next tuesday and last for at least 1 month??

    Mean old So2 LOL

    Thank goodness the So2 will dissipate in 1 month rolling and LOL

  9. The O’Dumbo and friends keep trying to pretend that the ice and snow is only a variation of their “global warming” caused by carbon usage. Even the sheeple are beginning to ask questions.

  10. Please someone confirm something for me. Please go to Cryosphere today or the updated Artic ice dated 11/5/2014 is the exact same photograph as at least 11/3/2014. Are they saying the Arctic has had zero ice formation in at least 2 days?. Someone pleaee look at those pictures, tell me I’m not losing my mind.

  11. the article says it starts on Sunday.

    “The mild weather much currently being experienced in much of the country is forecast to end on Sunday, when a vast pocket of extremely cold air will hit the Central and Eastern States and keep them in its icy grip until Friday.”

  12. I just got a card from an old friend of mine up in Washington, Maine. I’m not sure when she wrote it but sometime last week they had 12″ of snow and power outages for 30 hours … totally unexpected for this time of the year.

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